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donderdag 1 november 2018

MRC: Human brain cell transplant offers insights into neurological conditions

Human brain cell transplant offers insights into neurological conditions

In the new study, MRC funded researchers for the first time successfully transplanted disease-specific human brain cells, created from stem cells, into a mouse brain and watched how they grew and connected to each other.

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Many cases of dementia may arise from DNA 'spelling mistakes'

Only a small proportion of cases of dementia are thought to be inherited – the cause of the vast majority is unknown. Now, a team of scientists believe they may have found an explanation: spontaneous errors in our DNA that arise as cells divide and reproduce.

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Green Great Britain Week

The first Green Great Britain (GB) Week has launched today, with a number of events from 15-19 October to emphasise the importance of tackling climate change and ensuring clean growth.

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Treating the prostate with radiotherapy improves survival

A new trial has found that treating the prostate with radiotherapy alongside standard treatment led to a three-year survival rate of 81%, compared to 73% in those who didn't receive radiotherapy, for some men with advanced prostate cancer.

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Max Perutz Science Writing Award 2018 – Winner announced

MRC-funded PhD student Natasha Clarke, of St George's, University of London, is now £1,500 richer after she won this year's Max Perutz Science Writing Award with her article: "How artificial intelligence, and a cup of tea, could help diagnose Alzheimer's disease."

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Good housing may be key to eliminating childhood malnutrition

New research suggests that improved housing with access to piped water may be the crucial keys to eliminating malnutrition and stunting in children.

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Decades of discovery set to revolutionise healthcare

Over the recent years, advances in technology have allowed many more diagnostic tests to be carried out at the patient's bedside rather than the laboratory bench.

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