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maandag 15 oktober 2018

The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 15 October 2018; Vol. 37, No. 20

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15 October 2018 | Volume 37, Number 20 Submit

Table of Contents

News & Views

Volume 37, Number 20

News & Views

A new study shows that ATF4‐mediated rewiring of amino acid metabolism mediates resistance to lactate dehydrogenase A inhibitors.

Mario R Fernandez and John L Cleveland
Published online 28.09.2018


The histone acetyltransferase HAG1 drives plant regeneration from callus by promoting the expression of root stem cell factors.

Ning Zhang and Thomas Laux
Published online 01.10.2018


A comprehensive review of postsynaptic signaling pathways illustrates the complex structural and functional framework required to accurately regulate synaptic strength.

Tommaso Patriarchi, Olivia R Buonarati and Johannes W Hell
Published online 24.09.2018


A quantitative analysis of neuropeptide‐secreting dense‐core vesicles (DCVs) using super‐resolution and electron microscopy provides insight into DCV distribution, abundance and release probability.

Claudia M Persoon, Alessandro Moro, Joris P Nassal, Margherita Farina, Jurjen H Broeke, Swati Arora, Natalia Dominguez, Jan RT van Weering, Ruud F Toonen and Matthijs Verhage
Published online 05.09.2018 Open Access


An ATF4‐dependent increase in the uptake of glutamine and essential amino acids allows melanoma cells to overcome pharmacological LDHA blockade by stimulating mTORC1 activity.

Gaurav Pathria, David A Scott, Yongmei Feng, Joo Sang Lee, Yu Fujita, Gao Zhang, Avinash D Sahu, Eytan Ruppin, Meenhard Herlyn, Andrei L Osterman and Ze'ev A Ronai
Published online 12.09.2018


Histone acetyltransferase activity in the developing callus is essential for de novo shoot regeneration by regulating key pluripotency factors.

Ji‐Yun Kim, Woorim Yang, Joachim Forner, Jan U Lohmann, Bosl Noh and Yoo‐Sun Noh
Published online 30.07.2018


Isoform‐specific translation of Ucp1, stimulated by cytoplasmic polyA‐binding protein CPEB2 and adrenergic signaling, is required for thermogenesis in vivo.

Hui‐Feng Chen, Chen‐Ming Hsu and Yi‐Shuian Huang
Published online 03.09.2018


A mechanism by which core cell cycle regulators prevent degradation of the LRP6 signalosome during mitosis may be involved in promoting tumorigenesis.

Jianxiang Chen, Muthukumar Rajasekaran, Hongping Xia, Shik Nie Kong, Amudha Deivasigamani, Karthik Sekar, Hengjun Gao, Hannah LF Swa, Jayantha Gunaratne, London Lucien Ooi, Tian Xie, Wanjin Hong and Kam Man Hui
Published online 14.09.2018


Glucocorticoids induce Tau accumulation and downstream hippocampal dysfunction by suppressing endolysosomal degradation of Tau via the small GTPase Rab35 and the ESCRT machinery.

João Vaz‐Silva, Patrícia Gomes, Qi Jin, Mei Zhu, Viktoriya Zhuravleva, Sebastian Quintremil, Torcato Meira, Joana Silva, Chrysoula Dioli, Carina Soares‐Cunha, Nikolaos P Daskalakis, Nuno Sousa, Ioannis Sotiropoulos and Clarissa L Waites
Published online 30.08.2018


Combining in vitro and in vivo approaches, this study identifies USP34 as a new regulator of osteogenesis via targeted stabilization of Smad1 and RUNX2, illustrating a role for protein deubiquitination in bone formation.

Yu‐chen Guo, Meng‐yuan Wang, Shi‐wen Zhang, Yun‐shu Wu, Chen‐chen Zhou, Ri‐xin Zheng, Bin Shao, Yuan Wang, Liang Xie, Wei‐qing Liu, Ning‐yuan Sun, Jun‐jun Jing, Ling Ye, Qian‐ming Chen and Quan Yuan
Published online 04.09.2018

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