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maandag 1 oktober 2018

The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 01 October 2018; Vol. 37, No. 19

01 October 2018 | Volume 37, Number 19 Submit

Table of Contents

News & Views

Volume 37, Number 19

News & Views

A new study shows that non‐expanding pores regulate vacuole size and membrane fusion in vivo in response to physiological changes.

Thomas H Söllner and Jörg Malsam
Published online 20.09.2018


A multi‐subunit complex with a dual role in histone acetylation and deacetylation contributes to heterochromatin formation in Arabidopsis.

Masayuki Tsuzuki and Andrzej T Wierzbicki
Published online 20.09.2018


Metastable nanoscopic fusion pores connect yeast vacuoles and serve as hubs for the regulation of fusion reactions.

Massimo D'Agostino, Herre Jelger Risselada, Laura J Endter, Véronique Comte‐Miserez and Andreas Mayer
Published online 17.08.2018


A genetic screen for regulators of heterochromatin silencing in plants identifies a set of multi‐protein complexes affecting histone acetylation status, Pol IV‐dependent siRNA production, and development.

Lian‐Mei Tan, Cui‐Jun Zhang, Xiao‐Mei Hou, Chang‐Rong Shao, Yu‐Jia Lu, Jin‐Xing Zhou, Yong‐Qiang Li, Lin Li, She Chen and Xin‐Jian He
Published online 13.08.2018


A tether‐and‐release system engineered to study protein dynamics reveals that histones are kept in a monomeric state in the cytoplasm and only engage histone chaperones after nuclear import.

Michael James Apta‐Smith, Juan Ramon Hernandez‐Fernaud and Andrew James Bowman
Published online 03.09.2018 Open Access


One of several replisome‐associated histone‐binding activities for processing parental histones during replication has a particular role in preserving gene silencing at budding yeast telomeres and mating‐type loci.

Cecile Evrin, Joseph D Maman, Aurora Diamante, Luca Pellegrini and Karim Labib
Published online 13.08.2018 Open Access


Post‐translational regulation of a trithorax‐family methyltransferase by O‐glycosylation reveals the involvement of O‐GlcNAc signaling in epigenetic processes in plants.

Lijing Xing, Yan Liu, Shujuan Xu, Jun Xiao, Bo Wang, Hanwen Deng, Zhuang Lu, Yunyuan Xu and Kang Chong
Published online 27.08.2018 Open Access


A novel polySer protein produced by non‐ATG translation of repeat‐expanded mRNA is observed in spinocerebellar ataxia type 8, where it exerts toxic effects on demyelination and axonal degeneration in patient brains.

Fatma Ayhan, Barbara A Perez, Hannah K Shorrock, Tao Zu, Monica Banez‐Coronel, Tammy Reid, Hirokazu Furuya, H Brent Clark, Juan C Troncoso, Christopher A Ross, SH Subramony, Tetsuo Ashizawa, Eric T Wang, Anthony T Yachnis and Laura PW Ranum
Published online 11.09.2018


Physiological settings for studying activation of interferon‐producing pDCs reveal dispensability of high basal IRF7 expression and positive IFN‐I feedback signals previously implicated based on testing with synthetic ligands.

Elena Tomasello, Karima Naciri, Rabie Chelbi, Gilles Bessou, Anissa Fries, Elise Gressier, Abdenour Abbas, Emeline Pollet, Philippe Pierre, Toby Lawrence, Thien‐Phong Vu Manh and Marc Dalod
Published online 21.08.2018 Open Access


Disrupting a single mRNA editing site in mice affects smooth muscle contraction and diastolic blood pressure, while reduced editing at the same site in human correlates with cardiac disease.

Mamta Jain, Tomer D Mann, Maja Stulić, Shailaja P Rao, Andrijana Kirsch, Dieter Pullirsch, Xué Strobl, Claus Rath, Lukas Reissig, Kristin Moreth, Tanja Klein‐Rodewald, Raffi Bekeredjian, Valerie Gailus‐Durner, Helmut Fuchs, Martin Hrabě de Angelis, Eleonore Pablik, Laura Cimatti, David Martin, Jelena Zinnanti, Wolfgang F Graier, Maria Sibilia, Saša Frank, Erez Y Levanon and Michael F Jantsch
Published online 07.08.2018 Open Access


Using proteomics, this study identifies ER‐resident protein LMF1 as a general regulator of redox homeostasis that facilitates disulfide bond formation in client proteins such as lipoprotein lipase.

Benjamin S Roberts, Melissa A Babilonia‐Rosa, Lindsey J Broadwell, Ming Jing Wu and Saskia B Neher
Published online 01.08.2018

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