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maandag 8 oktober 2018

NSMB :  2018 Volume #25  issue 10

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology


October 2018 Volume 25, Issue 10

News & Views
Amendments & Corrections

News & Views

U-tail as a guardian against invading RNAs    pp903 - 905
Jinah Yeo & V. Narry Kim

Structural & Molecular Biology
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A tethered-inchworm model of SMC DNA translocation    pp906 - 910
Michael H. Nichols & Victor G. Corces

Nichols and Corces summarize the current knowledge of SMC structure and function and propose a new mechanism for SMC motor activity, which is central to the DNA loop extrusion model of genome organization.


A molecular mechanism for calcium-mediated synaptotagmin-triggered exocytosis    pp911 - 917
Volker Kiessling, Alex J. B. Kreutzberger, Binyong Liang, Sarah B. Nyenhuis, Patrick Seelheim et al.

A combination of fluorescence approaches that permit conformational changes of SNARE proteins to be visualized in different lipid environments reveals interactions underlying vesicle–membrane fusion.

Structural basis of the filamin A actin-binding domain interaction with F-actin    pp918 - 927
Daniel V. Iwamoto, Andrew Huehn, Bertrand Simon, Clotilde Huet-Calderwood, Massimiliano Baldassarre et al.

Cryo-EM data and functional assays reveal how the actin-cross-linking protein filamin A interacts with F-actin, rationalizing human disease mutations in molecular detail.

Alternative splicing rewires Hippo signaling pathway in hepatocytes to promote liver regeneration    pp928 - 939
Sushant Bangru, Waqar Arif, Joseph Seimetz, Amruta Bhate, Jackie Chen et al.

Downregulation of the splicing regulator ESRP2 after liver injury activates a neonatal alternative splicing program that attenuates Hippo signaling in regenerating hepatocytes.

NMD-degradome sequencing reveals ribosome-bound intermediates with 3′-end non-templated nucleotides    pp940 - 950
Tatsuaki Kurosaki, Keita Miyoshi, Jason R. Myers & Lynne E. Maquat

Newly developed assays to isolate and sequence direct NMD decay intermediates show that these are ribosome bound and can be subject to the addition of non-templated nucleotides, which affects their decay.

DNA G-quadruplex structures mold the DNA methylome    pp951 - 957
Shi-Qing Mao, Avazeh T. Ghanbarian, Jochen Spiegel, Sergio Martínez Cuesta, Dario Beraldi et al.

Biochemical and genome-wide analyses reveal that G4 structures sequester and inhibit the activity of DNMT1, thereby protecting CpG islands from methylation in human cells.

Transcription-associated histone pruning demarcates macroH2A chromatin domains    pp958 - 970
Zhen Sun, Dan Filipescu, Joshua Andrade, Alexandre Gaspar-Maia, Beatrix Ueberheide et al.

Histone variant macroH2A is initially pervasively deposited across the mouse genome and is subsequently selectively evicted from transcriptionally active regions to establish macroH2A chromatin domains.

XLF and APLF bind Ku80 at two remote sites to ensure DNA repair by non-homologous end joining    pp971 - 980
Clement Nemoz, Virginie Ropars, Philippe Frit, Amandine Gontier, Pascal Drevet et al.

Crystal structures of the Ku70/80–DNA complex with Ku binding motifs of APLF and XLF reveal distinct interaction sites and an induced conformational change in Ku80 critical for function in NHEJ repair.

Structural basis for σ1 receptor ligand recognition    pp981 - 987
Hayden R. Schmidt, Robin M. Betz, Ron O. Dror & Andrew C. Kruse

Crystal structures of human σ1 receptor bound to the antagonists haloperidol and NE-100, and to agonist (+)-pentazocine, alongside MD simulations, reveal a unique binding pose for, and major conformational rearrangements induced by, the agonist.

Amendments & Corrections

Publisher Correction: Concerns with yeast mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier's integrity in DPC    p988
Martin S. King, Paul G. Crichton, Jonathan J. Ruprecht & Edmund R. S. Kunji

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