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Nature Photonics contents November 2018 Volume 12 Number 11

Nature Photonics


November 2018 Volume 12, Issue 11

Books & Arts
Research Highlights
News & Views
Review Articles
Amendments & Corrections

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A long overdue recognition    p635

Unchartered territory    p636


A coherent life    pp637 - 639
P. Scott Carney & Joseph Eberly

Books & Arts

On our bookshelf    p640
Rachel Won

Research Highlights

Anti-damped nanobeam    p641
David F. P. Pile

Subcycle control    p641
David F. P. Pile

Atomically thin materials    p641
Noriaki Horiuchi

Magneto-optical polymer    p641
Oliver Graydon

Soliton assistance    p641
Rachel Won

Nature Photonics
4th International Conference on 2D Materials and Technologies, ICON-2DMat 2018
Melbourne, Australia
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News & Views

Double injection resonator    pp642 - 644
Jun Dong

Self-powered sensors    p644
Noriaki Horiuchi

And then there were three    pp645 - 647
Miro Erkintalo

Conquering the final frontier    pp647 - 648
Oliver Graydon


Prospects and physical mechanisms for photonic space propulsion    pp649 - 657
Igor Levchenko, Kateryna Bazaka, Stephane Mazouffre & Shuyan Xu

Recent achievements and future opportunities for light as a propulsion scheme for space vehicles is discussed.

Review Articles

Inverse design in nanophotonics    pp659 - 670
Sean Molesky, Zin Lin, Alexander Y. Piggott, Weiliang Jin, Jelena Vucković et al.

Starting with a desired optical output it is possible to use computational algorithms to inverse design devices. The approach is reviewed here with an emphasis on nanophotonics.


Nanophotonic optical gyroscope with reciprocal sensitivity enhancement    pp671 - 675
Parham P. Khial, Alexander D. White & Ali Hajimiri

An integrated silicon photonic optical gyroscope achieves two orders of magnitude size reduction and a factor of thirty better phase-shift sensitivity using reciprocal sensitivity enhancement.

Tri-comb spectroscopy    pp676 - 680
Bachana Lomsadze, Brad C. Smith & Steven T. Cundiff

A nonlinear coherent spectroscopy that uses three slightly different repetition-rate frequency combs is demonstrated. A 2D spectrum with comb resolution is generated using only 365 milliseconds of data, almost 600 times faster than previous approaches.


Anion-exchange red perovskite quantum dots with ammonium iodine salts for highly efficient light-emitting devices    pp681 - 687
Takayuki Chiba, Yukihiro Hayashi, Hinako Ebe, Keigo Hoshi, Jun Sato et al.

Perovskite quantum dots (QDs) are synthesized via an anion-exchange process where CsPbBr3 is used to realize a highly efficient red light-emitting diode (LED). The perovskite QD-based LED exhibits the highest external quantum efficiency of more than 20% compared with perovskite LEDs.

Synchronization of coupled optical microresonators    pp688 - 693
Jae K. Jang, Alexander Klenner, Xingchen Ji, Yoshitomo Okawachi, Michal Lipson et al.

Synchronization of two optical microresonator frequency combs coupled over distances larger than 20 metres is experimentally realized, opening up applications of microresonator combs and offering a chip-based photonic platform for exploring complex nonlinear systems.

Narrow-linewidth lasing and soliton Kerr microcombs with ordinary laser diodes    pp694 - 698
N. G. Pavlov, S. Koptyaev, G. V. Lihachev, A. S. Voloshin, A. S. Gorodnitskiy et al.

A broadband multi-frequency Fabry–Pérot laser diode, when coupled to a high-Q microresonator, can be efficiently transformed to an ~100 mW narrow-linewidth single-frequency light source, and subsequently, to a coherent soliton Kerr comb oscillator.

Spatial multiplexing of soliton microcombs    pp699 - 705
E. Lucas, G. Lihachev, R. Bouchand, N. G. Pavlov, A. S. Raja et al.

Up to three distinct frequency combs are simultaneously generated from an optical microresonator and a continuous-wave laser, enabling the deployment of dual- and triple-comb-based methods to applications unachievable by current technologies.

Response shaping with a silicon ring resonator via double injection    pp706 - 712
Roei Aviram Cohen, Ofer Amrani & Shlomo Ruschin

Frequency response shaping of a 'racetrack' ring resonator is demonstrated using a double injection configuration. Sinusoidal, triangular, square and other response shapes are shown.

Amendments & Corrections

Publisher Correction: Nanophotonic optical gyroscope with reciprocal sensitivity enhancement    p714
Parham P. Khial, Alexander D. White & Ali Hajimiri

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