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donderdag 25 oktober 2018

Nature Materials contents: November 2018 Volume 17 Number 11

Nature Materials

Introducing the Monarc - Redefining what's possible with SEM-based cathodoluminescence.

The Monarc dramatically boosts sensitivity and spectral resolution, empowering a complete CL analysis with unique wavelength - and angle-resolved capabilities. This next generation CL detector provides brand new insights for nanophotonics and optoelectronics.

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November 2018 Volume 17, Issue 11

News & Views
Amendments & Corrections


A century of advances in prostheses    p945


Prosthetics in war and peace    pp946 - 948
Amos Matsiko


Julia Randall Weertman (1926–2018)    p949
Katherine T. Faber

News & Views

Electrically detecting infrared light    pp950 - 951
Zhe Fei

Reading the atmosphere    p951
Philip Ball

Transparency revealed    pp952 - 953
Rodolfo Miranda

Chirality meets topology    pp953 - 954
Chandra Shekhar

Targeting vesicle size    pp955 - 956
Jing Zou & Pei-Yong Shi

2D materials-wrapped microparticles    pp956 - 957
Qiyuan He & Hua Zhang

Nature Materials
2018 ACEAT - Annual Conference on Engineering and Applied Science
Osaka, Japan
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Oxidation states and ionicity    pp958 - 964
Aron Walsh, Alexey A. Sokol, John Buckeridge, David O. Scanlon & C. Richard A. Catlow

This Perspective explores the history and usage of the concept of oxidation state, its relation to atomic charge and bonding, and opportunities that arise from applying this analysis to systems with mixed valence or correlated electrons.


Interparticle hydrogen bonding can elicit shear jamming in dense suspensions    pp965 - 970
Nicole M. James, Endao Han, Ricardo Arturo Lopez de la Cruz, Justin Jureller & Heinrich M. Jaeger

Dense suspensions of hard particles readily display discontinuous shear thickening under shear but not reversible shear jamming. Here it is shown that the formation of interparticle hydrogen bonds is crucial for the shear jamming of these suspensions.

Therapeutic treatment of Zika virus infection using a brain-penetrating antiviral peptide    pp971 - 977
Joshua A. Jackman, Vivian V. Costa, Soohyun Park, Ana Luiza C. V. Real, Jae Hyeon Park et al.

The Zika virus infects the central nervous system and results in severe brain malformation. An amphiphatic peptide is now shown to penetrate the blood–brain barrier, reducing viral loads due to its activity against Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses.


Topological quantum properties of chiral crystals    pp978 - 985
Guoqing Chang, Benjamin J. Wieder, Frank Schindler, Daniel S. Sanchez, Ilya Belopolski et al.

Kramers–Weyl fermions are identified in chiral crystals, and their phenomenology is drawn out.

Efficient electrical detection of mid-infrared graphene plasmons at room temperature    pp986 - 992
Qiushi Guo, Renwen Yu, Cheng Li, Shaofan Yuan, Bingchen Deng et al.

A system of patterned graphene nanoresonators/nanoribbons can be used as an efficient mid-infrared detector, based on plasmonic resonant absorption and subsequent carrier thermalization.

On-chip valley topological materials for elastic wave manipulation    pp993 - 998
Mou Yan, Jiuyang Lu, Feng Li, Weiyin Deng, Xueqin Huang et al.

Topologically protected edge states can be observed when combining two Si-based phononic crystals of opposite phases, as well as on-chip elastic wave splitting via partition of edges states at the intersection of topological channels.

Polarity governs atomic interaction through two-dimensional materials    pp999 - 1004
Wei Kong, Huashan Li, Kuan Qiao, Yunjo Kim, Kyusang Lee et al.

Remote atomic interaction of crystalline materials through 2D materials is presented to depend on the polarity of both the 2D interlayers and underlying substrates, providing insights for the epitaxial growth of various materials on 2D crystals.

Autoperforation of 2D materials for generating two-terminal memristive Janus particles    pp1005 - 1012
Pingwei Liu, Albert Tianxiang Liu, Daichi Kozawa, Juyao Dong, Jing Fan Yang et al.

A technique of autoperforation is presented to fabricate colloidal microparticles with functional polymer composite enveloped by two sheets of 2D materials. The particles can work as electronic devices with good stability in harsh environment.

Chemical nature of ferroelastic twin domains in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite    pp1013 - 1019
Yongtao Liu, Liam Collins, Roger Proksch, Songkil Kim, Brianna R. Watson et al.

Combined multimodal atomic force microscopy, ion microscopy, ion mass spectrometry and infrared spectrometry experiments explore the chemical properties of ferroelastic twin domains in hybrid lead halide perovskites.

Large electrostrictive response in lead halide perovskites    pp1020 - 1026
Bo Chen, Tao Li, Qingfeng Dong, Edoardo Mosconi, Jingfeng Song et al.

The electromechanical properties of organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites are not well characterized. Here, a large electrostrictive strain of 1% is measured, suggesting both new electromechanical applications and implications for photovoltaics.

High-mobility band-like charge transport in a semiconducting two-dimensional metal–organic framework    pp1027 - 1032
Renhao Dong, Peng Han, Himani Arora, Marco Ballabio, Melike Karakus et al.

Semiconducting metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) can be of interest for optoelectronics, but charge transport property is rarely elucidated. Here, a π–d conjugated 2D MOF shows band-like charge transport, with room-temperature mobility of 220 cm2 V–1 s–1.

Golden single-atomic-site platinum electrocatalysts    pp1033 - 1039
Paul N. Duchesne, Z. Y. Li, Christopher P. Deming, Victor Fung, Xiaojing Zhao et al.

Bimetallic nanoparticles with tailored structure constitute a desirable model system for catalysts. PtAu nanoparticles with Pt single-atom surface sites, prepared by a colloidal method, exhibit unprecedented electrocatalytic activity for formic acid oxidation.

Coatings super-repellent to ultralow surface tension liquids    pp1040 - 1047
Shuaijun Pan, Rui Guo, Mattias Björnmalm, Joseph J. Richardson, Ling Li et al.

Liquid repellent coatings are important for several applications. Now, a coating that repels ultralow surface tension liquids and simultaneously shows robustness and transparency is reported.

Amendments & Corrections

Author Correction: Efficient electrical detection of mid-infrared graphene plasmons at room temperature    p1048
Qiushi Guo, Renwen Yu, Cheng Li, Shaofan Yuan, Bingchen Deng et al.

Publisher Correction: Non-specific interactions govern cytosolic diffusion of nanosized objects in mammalian cells    p1048
Fred Etoc, Elie Balloul, Chiara Vicario, Davide Normanno, Domenik Liße et al.

Retraction Note: Large local lattice expansion in graphene adlayers grown on copper    p1048
Chaoyu Chen, José Avila, Hakim Arezki, Van Luan Nguyen, Jiahong Shen et al.

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