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dinsdag 16 oktober 2018

Nature Biotechnology Contents: October 2018, Volume 36 Issue 10

Nature Biotechnology

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October 2018 Volume 36, Issue 10

Opinion and Comment
News and Views
Careers and Recruitment

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Bringing Edman Back to Life

Shimadzu's protein sequencers provide reliable, sensitive N-terminal sequencing to researchers through automated Edman degradation. Software enables compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, while easy-to-use data analysis functions simplify operation, data processing and reporting.

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In defense of the press... and more    p905
The biotech community's decision to speak out in defense of freedom of the press is also a reaffirmation of core principles essential for the sector's success.


Sangamo's landmark genome editing trial gets mixed reception    pp907 - 908
Cormac Sheridan

Setbacks shadow microRNA therapies in the clinic    pp909 - 910
Dan Jones

Smart insulin: redesign could end hypoglycemia risk    pp911 - 912
Brian Owens

Akcea's antisense drug rejection worries analysts    p911

Regeneron buys into CAR-Ts with Bluebird Bio deal    p912

FDA approves Galafold, a triumph for Amicus    p913
Nuala Moran

US law threatens flow of foreign capital to biotech sector    pp914 - 915
Christopher Morrison

Around the world in a month    p915

Correction    p915

News Feature

The virome hunters    pp916 - 919
Charles Schmidt
Ambitious efforts to catalog viruses across the globe may facilitate our understanding of viral communities and ecology, boost infectious disease diagnostics and surveillance, and spur new therapeutics. Charles Schmidt investigates.

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Opinion and Comment


Biotech leaders call for free press    pp920 - 922
Ron Cohen, Steven Holtzman, Jeremy M Levin, John M Maraganore, the Signatories to the Statement et al.


Opening options for material transfer    pp923 - 927
Linda Kahl, Jennifer Molloy, Nicola Patron, Colette Matthewman, Jim Haseloff et al.
The Open Material Transfer Agreement is a material-transfer agreement that enables broader sharing and use of biological materials by biotechnology practitioners working within the practical realities of technology transfer.

Are the new clinical trial transparency rules incompatible with the patentability requirements in Europe?    pp928 - 930
Lorenz Kallenbach & Marco K Vallazza
New transparency policies have created a tension between the regulatory obligation to post clinical trials early and the desire to obtain patent protection.



Recent patents in antimicrobials    p931

News and Views

Decoding mood    pp932 - 933

Invasive recordings of human brain activity predict mood fluctuations.

Designing efficient translation    pp934 - 935
Thomas E Gorochowski & Tom Ellis
A massive study informed by Design of Experiments uncovers factors that boost protein synthesis.

Research Highlights    p935

Barcodes galore for developmental biology    p936
Markus Elsner



How user intelligence is improving PubMed    pp937 - 945
Nicolas Fiorini, Robert Leaman, David J Lipman & Zhiyong Lu
Machine learning and natural language processing methods are applied to learn from PubMed searches and improve user experience.

Brief Communications

Efficient base editing in methylated regions with a human APOBEC3A-Cas9 fusion    pp946 - 949
Xiao Wang, Jianan Li, Ying Wang, Bei Yang, Jia Wei et al.
Increased efficiency of base editing in methylated DNA using human APOBEC3A as a deaminase.

Efficient C-to-T base editing in plants using a fusion of nCas9 and human APOBEC3A    pp950 - 953
Yuan Zong, Qianna Song, Chao Li, Shuai Jin, Dingbo Zhang et al.
A base editor containing a human cytidine deaminase offers a larger editing window.


Mood variations decoded from multi-site intracranial human brain activity    pp954 - 961
Omid G Sani, Yuxiao Yang, Morgan B Lee, Heather E Dawes, Edward F Chang et al.
Mood state changes are decoded using human neural activity data from electrodes implanted in seven epilepsy patients.

Paired-cell sequencing enables spatial gene expression mapping of liver endothelial cells    pp962 - 970
Keren Bahar Halpern, Rom Shenhav, Hassan Massalha, Beata Toth, Adi Egozi et al.
The expression profile and tissue coordinates of liver endothelial cells are determined using a paired-cell sequencing approach that extracts spatial information from attached hepatocytes.


Conversion of staphylococcal pathogenicity islands to CRISPR-carrying antibacterial agents that cure infections in mice    pp971 - 976

Engineered staphylococcal pathogenicity islands offer a potentially superior alternative to phages for antibacterial therapy

An APOBEC3A-Cas9 base editor with minimized bystander and off-target activities    pp977 - 982
Jason M Gehrke, Oliver Cervantes, M Kendell Clement, Yuxuan Wu, Jing Zeng et al.
The precision of base editing is enhanced with an engineered version of the APOBEC3A deaminase.

A universal SNP and small-indel variant caller using deep neural networks    pp983 - 987
Ryan Poplin, Pi-Chuan Chang, David Alexander, Scott Schwartz, Thomas Colthurst et al.
DeepVariant uses convolutional neural networks to improve the accuracy of variant calling.

On-demand manufacturing of clinical-quality biopharmaceuticals    pp988 - 995
Laura E Crowell, Amos E Lu, Kerry R Love, Alan Stockdale, Steven M Timmick et al.
A benchtop system for protein synthesis achieves purity and potency comparable to those of marketed drugs.


A standardized bacterial taxonomy based on genome phylogeny substantially revises the tree of life    pp996 - 1004
Donovan H Parks, Maria Chuvochina, David W Waite, Christian Rinke, Adam Skarshewski et al.
Interpretation of microbial genome data will be improved by a fully revised bacterial taxonomy.


Evaluation of 244,000 synthetic sequences reveals design principles to optimize translation in Escherichia coli    pp1005 - 1015
Guillaume Cambray, Joao C Guimaraes & Adam Paul Arkin
Large and systematic mRNA library design disentangles the complex sequence determinants of translation efficiency in bacteria.


Publisher Correction: Guided self-organization and cortical plate formation in human brain organoids    p1016
Madeline A Lancaster, Nina S Corsini, Simone Wolfinger, E Hilary Gustafson, Alex W Phillips et al.

Author Correction: Precision medicine in the clouds    p1016
Henrik Vogt, Sara Green & John Brodersen

Careers and Recruitment

Gender disparities among independent fellows in biomedical research    pp1018 - 1021
Jason M Sheltzer


People    p1022

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