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woensdag 10 oktober 2018

Midwives ‘failing to realise’ they are domestic abuse victims

Midwives 'failing to realise' they are domestic abuse victims
Midwives trained to recognise domestic abuse and support women sometimes do not realise or acknowledge they are victims themselves, reveals new research by the Royal College of Midwives.
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Scottish student nurse and midwife bursaries rise to £10,000
Nicola Sturgeon has today announced plans to increase bursaries for nursing and midwifery students in Scotland.
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Exclusive: Resus nurse speaks out about his mental illness battle
"If we make a mistake people die, and that was what drove me to get help," says critical care nurse Ged Swinton.
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Announcing this year's editors of Student Nursing Times
This year's Student Nursing Times editors will soon be writing about their experiences and views exclusively for you.
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Nurses asked to adopt 'non-prescription' pads to cut antibiotics
Nurses across England are being urged to get actively involved in the latest phase of a nationwide campaign to tackle antibiotic resistance, including handing out "non-prescriptions" to patients.
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New tool can identify heart failure patients at high risk of sepsis
A tool has been developed by UK researchers to help identify heart failure patients at high risk of sepsis, which they say could catch cases early and save thousands of lives every year.
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