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donderdag 11 oktober 2018

BBC Health: Why Doctor Who’s dyspraxic assistant is my real hero

Why Doctor Who's dyspraxic assistant is my real hero
Jodie Whittaker may be grabbing the headlines - but her new dyspraxic assistant is equally empowering.
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'Flexitarian' diets key to feeding people in a warming world
Eating more plant-based foods, ending waste and improving farming are vital for the future, say scientists
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Standing desks 'boost work performance'
Employees who use desks that allow them to sit or stand are healthier and happier, research suggests.
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NHS England staff must explain if they refuse to have flu jab
Health workers in England who decline the jab may be moved away from working with vulnerable patients.
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Severe obesity four times more likely in poor primary schools
Pupils in England's poorest areas are four times more likely to be severely obese, the latest data shows.
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