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donderdag 11 oktober 2018

BBC Health: Turnbull: For heaven's sake, get tested

Turnbull: For heaven's sake, get tested
Former BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull gives an update on his cancer treatment.
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Tai chi v Zumba: Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit?
Can we get the benefits of exercise without too much huffing and puffing, with an activity like tai chi?
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World Mental Health Day: What is mindfulness?
On World Mental Health Day, experts explain how mindfulness can help you make the most of each moment.
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Public faces 'care injustice' as NHS struggles
Regulator says harder in England to get care from hospitals, care services and mental health units.
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What works for treating children's colds?
They get twice as many colds as adults but there's no magic cure - or is there?
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