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zondag 7 oktober 2018

BBC Health: Staff 'afraid to question care' at Shropshire baby death trust

Staff 'afraid to question care' at Shropshire baby death trust
A former nurse says there was no culture of learning at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.
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From cuddles to counting - PTSD coping strategies shared
A single post on Reddit about one woman's PTSD has prompted an influx of similar stories and advice.
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Shared GP appointments trialled - and patients 'like' them
Trials are taking place where as many as 15 patients are being seen by the same GP at a time.
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Mothers in Ethiopia's Oromia region are supported after childbirth for 40 days
Why women in Ethiopia's Oromia region hold a special ceremony for a mother, five days after she gives birth.
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Child mental health referrals up 26% in five years, says report
But a substantial number of children are failing to meet thresholds for treatment, a report says.
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