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maandag 29 oktober 2018

BBC Health: Plymouth hospital in 'pioneering' deal with private health company

Plymouth hospital in 'pioneering' deal with private health company
The trust said the deal would reduce waiting times but Labour called it 'front door privatisation'.
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Opt-out organ donation plan wins Commons backing
Ministers estimate changing the law to one of presumed consent will save up to 700 lives each year.
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Are supplements safe and do they work?
What are some of the dangers of supplements and how beneficial are they for our health?
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Overcoming my stammer... on live national radio
Seventeen-year-old Morgan set himself goals to improve his confidence - including a live radio interview.
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Women over 34 are being refused IVF treatment
Around 80% of areas in England are not offering IVF to women up until the age of 42, as recommended.
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