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maandag 29 oktober 2018

BBC Health: 'ME makes me grieve for my past life'

'ME makes me grieve for my past life'
22-year-old Millie Earp says she has learnt to accept having ME despite "grieving for her past life" after diagnosis.
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Two unborn babies' spines repaired in womb in UK surgery first
A team of 30 surgeons in London operated on the babies weeks before they were born.
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Could height be a cancer risk?
Another study suggests a link, but is it just a tall story?
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'My disability is my advantage' says martial artist
Stuart Penn, who has won jiu-jitsu medals on the world stage, "wouldn't know what to do" with four limbs.
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Councils buying care 'on the cheap'
Home help for vulnerable elderly squeezed as council underpay by nearly £2 an hour.
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