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maandag 8 oktober 2018

BBC Health: Irish smear scandal: Woman who highlighted failures dies

Irish smear scandal: Woman who highlighted failures dies
Emma Mhic MhathĂșna was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016 after receiving two incorrect smear test results.
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Boots investigated over great-grandfather's fatal pharmacy error
A family say they were "appalled" by the actions of Boots after the death of 84-year-old Tony Lee.
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Panorama: Can violent men ever change?
BBC Panorama has been allowed inside the controversial courses trying to change abusive men.
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'Higher levels of PTSD among veterans', says study
Experts point to a loss of support when leaving the army as a probable cause of increased stress.
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Second Pret a Manger allergy-link victim identified
Celia Marsh is thought to have had an allergic reaction to a flatbread from the Bath branch of store.
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