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dinsdag 9 oktober 2018

BBC Health: Allergy death takeaway 'a disaster waiting to happen'

Allergy death takeaway 'a disaster waiting to happen'
The death of Megan Lee, who had a reaction to a takeaway meal, was "too predictable", a court hears.
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One-off genetic test could detect heart attack risk
The test could help explain why people with apparently no risk factors can still have a heart attack.
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Life is a 'tremendous gift', says Katie
Katie and her parents describe what it has been like adjusting to life since she received a rare face transplant.
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Mesh 'last option' for incontinence
The controversial treatment should only be considered when other options have failed, says watchdog.
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Medical cannabis: 'False hope' after Home Office decision
Parents of a teenager with epilepsy say a doctor will not apply for medical cannabis to treat him.
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