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dinsdag 25 september 2018

Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 25 September 2018

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  24 September 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Mechanical loading, an important factor in the evaluation of ion release from bone augmentation materials ▶


Kathleen MacDonald, Daniel Boyd


Spin torque control of antiferromagnetic moments in NiO ▶


Takahiro Moriyama, Kent Oda, Takuo Ohkochi et al.


Guided Slow Continuous Suspension Film Flow for Mass Production of Submicrometer Spherical Particles by Pulsed Laser Melting in Liquid ▶


Yoshie Ishikawa, Naoto Koshizaki


Bandgap reduction of photocatalytic TiO2 nanotube by Cu doping ▶


S. Khajoei Gharaei, M. Abbasnejad, Ryo Maezono


Light sintering of ultra-smooth and robust silver nanowire networks embedded in poly(vinyl-butyral) for flexible OLED ▶


Dong Jun Lee, Youngsu Oh, Jae-Min Hong et al.


Heterogeneity of material structure determines the stationary surface topography and friction ▶


Qiang Li, Lars Voll, Jasminka Starcevic et al.


Physical ageing of spreading droplets in a viscous ambient phase ▶


Bibin M. Jose, Dhiraj Nandyala, Thomas Cubaud et al.


Tuning magnetocrystalline anisotropy by cobalt alloying in hexagonal Fe3Ge1 ▶


Michael A. McGuire, K. V. Shanavas, Michael S. Kesler et al.


Wavefront manipulation based on transmissive acoustic metasurface with membrane-type hybrid structure ▶


Jun Lan, Xiaowei Zhang, Xiaozhou Liu et al.


Revealing of Core Shell Effect on Frequency-Dependent Properties of Bi-based Relaxor/Ferroelectric Ceramic Composites ▶


Mohsin Saleem, Lim Dong Hwan, In-sung Kim et al.


Coevolution of teaching ability and cooperation in spatial evolutionary games ▶


Shuhua Zhang, Zhipeng Zhang, Yu’e Wu et al.


Comparative study of precise measurements of natural radionuclides and radiation dose using in-situ and laboratory γ-ray spectroscopy techniques ▶


N. M. Hassan, Y. J. Kim, J. Jang et al.


Facile reduction of graphene oxide suspensions and films using glass wafers ▶


Maxim K. Rabchinskii, Arthur T. Dideikin, Demid A. Kirilenko et al.


Effective surface conductivity of optical hyperbolic metasurfaces: from far-field characterization to surface wave analysis ▶


Oleh Y. Yermakov, Dmitry V. Permyakov, Filipp V. Porubaev et al.


Effect on Local Structure and Phase Transition of Perovskite-Type [N(CH3)4]2Zn1-x Cu x Br4 (x = 0, 0.5, 0.7, and 1) Crystals with the Various Doping of Cu2+ Ions ▶


Ae Ran Lim


Plasmon-induced hot electron transfer in AgNW@TiO2@AuNPs nanostructures ▶


Jiaji Cheng, Yiwen Li, Marie Plissonneau et al.


Draining phenomenon in closed narrow tubes pierced at the top: an experimental and theoretical analysis ▶


Amit Kumar, Subhabrata Ray, Gargi Das


Multi-color lasing in chemically open droplet cavities ▶


Lu Zheng, Min Zhi, Yinthai Chan et al.


Promoted Angiogenesis and Osteogenesis by Dexamethasone-loaded Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles/Collagen Composite Scaffolds with Microgroove Networks ▶


Ying Chen, Shangwu Chen, Naoki Kawazoe et al.


Thermal management of epidermal electronic devices/skin system considering insensible sweating ▶


Shuang Nie, Chenxi Zhang, Jizhou Song


High-entropy alloy strengthened by in situ formation of entropy-stabilized nano-dispersoids ▶


Bharat Gwalani, Rizaldy M. Pohan, Junho Lee et al.


Intentional polarity conversion of AlN epitaxial layers by oxygen ▶


N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, A. Courville et al.


Engineering of entanglement and spin state transfer via quantum chains of atomic spins at large separations ▶


Dmitry I. Bazhanov, Ilia N. Sivkov, Valeri S. Stepanyuk


Liquid Marble Actuator for Microfluidic Logic Systems ▶


Thomas C. Draper, Claire Fullarton, Neil Phillips et al.


Dynamical instability of the electric transport in superconductors ▶


Lei Qiao, Dingping Li, Svetlana V. Postolova et al.


Complex electric double layers in charged topological colloids ▶


Jeffrey C. Everts, Miha Ravnik


Exciton Diffusion in Organic Nanofibers: A Monte Carlo Study on the Effects of Temperature and Dimensionality ▶


Leonardo Evaristo de Sousa, Demétrio Antônio da Silva Filho, Rafael Timóteo de Sousa et al.


Mantle Cloaks Based on the Frequency Selective Metasurfaces Designed by Bayesian Optimization ▶


F. F. Qin, Z. Z. Liu, Q. Zhang et al.


Thiophene-based porous organic networks for volatile iodine capture and effectively detection of mercury ion ▶


Minghan Liu, Chan Yao, Chunbo Liu et al.


Deep-Ultraviolet Photodetectors Based on Epitaxial ZnGa2O4 Thin Films ▶


Si-Han Tsai, Sarbani Basu, Chiung-Yi Huang et al.


Ag+ doped into azo-linked conjugated microporous polymer for volatile iodine capture and detection of heavy metal ions ▶


Minghan Liu, Chan Yao, Chunbo Liu et al.


Heterogeneity of hard skin layer in wrinkled PDMS surface fabricated by Ar ion-beam irradiation ▶


Seunghun Lee, Eunyeon Byeon, Sunghoon Jung et al.


Exploration and application of a highly sensitive bis(salamo)-based fluorescent sensor for B4O7 2− in water-containing systems and living cells ▶


Lu-Mei Pu, Xiao-Yan Li, Jing Hao et al.


Laser surface structuring of diamond with ultrashort Bessel beams ▶


Sanjeev Kumar, Shane M. Eaton, Monica Bollani et al.

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