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dinsdag 25 september 2018

Scientific Reports Earth Sciences Table of Contents e-alert: 25 September 2018

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  24 September 2018    
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Responses of Labile Organic Nitrogen Fractions and Enzyme Activities in eroded Mollisols After 8-year Manure Amendment ▶


Yi-min Chen, Xin Xu, Xiao-guang Jiao et al.


Lagrangian-like Volume Tracking Paradigm for Mass, Momentum and Energy of Nearshore Tsunamis and Damping Mechanism ▶


Dae-Hong Kim, Sangyoung Son


Agricultural landscapes and the Loire River influence the genetic structure of the marbled newt in Western France ▶


Costanzi Jean-Marc, Mège Pascal, Boissinot Alexandre et al.


Sun-induced fluorescence and gross primary productivity during a heat wave ▶


G. Wohlfahrt, K. Gerdel, M. Migliavacca et al.


Superstatistical distribution of daily precipitation extremes: A worldwide assessment ▶


Carlo De Michele, Francesco Avanzi


Design of ultrasensitive Ag-LaFeO3 methanol gas sensor based on quasi molecular imprinting technology ▶


Qian Rong, Yumin Zhang, Jicu Hu et al.


Robust metric for quantifying the importance of stochastic effects on nanoparticle growth ▶


Tinja Olenius, Lukas Pichelstorfer, Dominik Stolzenburg et al.


Biosafety assessment of water samples from Wanzhou watershed of Yangtze Three Gorges Reservior in the quiet season in Caenorhabditis elegans ▶


Guosheng Xiao, Li Zhao, Qian Huang et al.


Trade-Off Analysis to Determine Environmental Flows in a Highly Regulated Watershed ▶


Aiping Pang, Chunhui Li, Tao Sun et al.


Rapid migration of CO2-rich micro-fluids in calcite matrices ▶


Pierpaolo Zuddas, Stefano Salvi, Olivier Lopez et al.


Yellowstone Hot Springs are Organic Chemodiversity Hot Spots ▶


Michael Gonsior, Norbert Hertkorn, Nancy Hinman et al.


Recurrent large earthquakes related with an active fault-volcano system, southwest Japan ▶


Aiming Lin, Peng Chen, Koichiro Sado


Tooth oxygen isotopes reveal Late Bronze Age origin of Mediterranean fish aquaculture and trade ▶


Sisma-Ventura Guy, Tütken Thomas, Zohar Irit et al.


Stable isotope measurements show increases in corn water use efficiency under deficit irrigation ▶


Youjie Wu, Taisheng Du, Yusen Yuan et al.


Modulation effects of the East Asian winter monsoon on El Niño-related rainfall anomalies in southeastern China ▶


Tianjiao Ma, Wen Chen, Juan Feng et al.


Altitudinal dependence of PCBs and PBDEs in soil along the two sides of Mt. Sygera, southeastern Tibetan Plateau ▶


Wenying Meng, Pu Wang, Ruiqiang Yang et al.


Effects of ocean warming and coral bleaching on aerosol emissions in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia ▶


Rebecca Jackson, Albert Gabric, Roger Cropp

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The 2-nd international conference on Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks


22.11.18 Cairo, Egypt


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