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vrijdag 28 september 2018

Nature Photonics contents October 2018 Volume 12 Number 10

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Nature Photonics

Looking for Quantum Coincidences? 

The QuCoa software package from PicoQuant is an intuitive and integrated solution for coincidence detection and counting using state of the art TCSPC electronics.

Ideal for use in research fields as varied as studying single photon sources in Hanbury-Brown-Twiss setups, entanglement according to Hong-Ou Mandel, or quantum key distribution.

October 2018 Volume 12, Issue 10

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Amendments & Corrections

Efficient Four-Color Microscopy Laser

TOPTICA's laser combiner engine iChrome CLE includes four laser sources in one compact box. It provides up to 20 mW of output power at 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm each. All integrated wavelengths are overlapped in one output fiber and an automatic alignment procedure guarantees an optimal beam position. This enables a straightforward plug & play installation and an unsurpassed stability over the system's lifetime.



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Books & Arts


On our bookshelf    p567
Rachel Won

Research Highlights


Vacuum-ultraviolet source    p568
David F. P. Pile

Visible to THz    p568
David F. P. Pile

Watching plasma birth    p568
Noriaki Horiuchi

Supressing instability    p568
Oliver Graydon

Interband cascade laser    p568
Oliver Graydon

Nature Photonics
Topological Photonics - From Concepts to Devices
St. Louis, USA
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News & Views


Non-reciprocal modulation via acousto-optics    pp570 - 571
Alexander Yu. Petrov

Intelligent learning with light    pp571 - 573
Rachel Won

Fabric optoelectronics    p573
Noriaki Horiuchi

Silicon photonics targets terahertz region    pp574 - 575
Guillaume Ducournau

A new dimension for nonlinear photonic crystals    pp575 - 577
Shay Keren-Zur & Tal Ellenbogen

Review Articles


Quantitative phase imaging in biomedicine    pp578 - 589
YongKeun Park, Christian Depeursinge & Gabriel Popescu

Over the past 10–15 years, quantitative phase imaging has moved from a research-driven to an application-focused field. This Review presents the main principles of operation and representative basic and clinical science applications.




Three-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystal in ferroelectric barium calcium titanate    pp591 - 595
Tianxiang Xu, Krzysztof Switkowski, Xin Chen, Shan Liu, Kaloian Koynov et al.

A three-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystal in ferroelectric barium calcium titanate that enables phase matching of nonlinear processes along an arbitrary direction, thereby removing constraints imposed by low-dimensional structures, is experimentally realized.


Experimental demonstration of a three-dimensional lithium niobate nonlinear photonic crystal    pp596 - 600
Dunzhao Wei, Chaowei Wang, Huijun Wang, Xiaopeng Hu, Dan Wei et al.

By selectively erasing the nonlinear coefficients in a lithium niobate crystal using a femtosecond laser, a 3D nonlinear photonic crystal, with an effective conversion efficiency comparable to that of the typical quasi-phase-matching processes, is demonstrated.




Polarization-resolved black phosphorus/molybdenum disulfide mid-wave infrared photodiodes with high detectivity at room temperature    pp601 - 607
James Bullock, Matin Amani, Joy Cho, Yu-Ze Chen, Geun Ho Ahn et al.

Black phosphorus/molybdenum disulfide mid-wave infrared photodiodes with external quantum efficiencies of 35% across 2.5–3.5 μm at room temperature and a peak detectivity of 1.1 × 1010 cm Hz1/2 W–1 at 3.8 μm are demonstrated.


Terahertz dynamics of electron–vibron coupling in single molecules with tunable electrostatic potential    pp608 - 612
Shaoqing Du, Kenji Yoshida, Ya Zhang, Ikutaro Hamada & Kazuhiko Hirakawa

Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy based on a single-molecule transistor detects a THz-induced centre-of-mass oscillation of a fullerene molecule. Its sensitivity is so high that the spectrum changes on adding (removing) an electron to (from) the molecule.


Non-reciprocal interband Brillouin modulation    pp613 - 619
Eric A. Kittlaus, Nils T. Otterstrom, Prashanta Kharel, Shai Gertler & Peter T. Rakich

Non-reciprocal single-sideband modulation and mode conversion are realized in a low-loss integrated silicon waveguide, enabling >125 GHz operation bandwidths and up to 38 dB of non-reciprocal contrast between forward- and backward-propagating waves.


Coherent extreme-ultraviolet emission generated through frustrated tunnelling ionization    pp620 - 624
Hyeok Yun, Je Hoi Mun, Sung In Hwang, Seung Beom Park, Igor A. Ivanov et al.

Coherent extreme-ultraviolet emission through frustrated tunnelling ionization is observed from He atoms excited by intense few-cycle infrared laser pulses. Its intensity depends on the ellipticity and the carrier-envelope phase of the infrared laser.


Silicon–plasmonic integrated circuits for terahertz signal generation and coherent detection    pp625 - 633
T. Harter, S. Muehlbrandt, S. Ummethala, A. Schmid, S. Nellen et al.

Transmitters and receivers based on plasmonic internal-photoemission detectors are developed for optoelectronic terahertz signal processing and monolithically integrated on a silicon chip. Proof-of-concept experiments are demonstrated.


Amendments & Corrections


Author Correction: Gate-tunable third-order nonlinear optical response of massless Dirac fermions in graphene    p634
Tao Jiang, Di Huang, Jinluo Cheng, Xiaodong Fan, Zhihong Zhang et al.

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