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vrijdag 7 september 2018

Nature Nanotechnology Contents September 2018 Volume 13 Number 9 pp765-870

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Nature Nanotechnology

Combined Spectrometer / Microscope 

Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy is a valuable tool for investigating excited state dynamics in semiconductors. By interfacing a spectrometer like the FluoTime 300 with a microscope such as the MicroTime 100, one can easily record time-, space-, and spectrally resolved luminescence spectra. 

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September 2018 Volume 13, Issue 9

Research Highlights
News & Views
Review Articles
Amendments & Corrections
Nanophotonics and Integrated Photonics 

This Nature Conference aims to provide a platform to the scientists from the fields of nanophotonics and integrated photonics for reporting new findings, exchanging new ideas, and inspiring new concepts and designs.

November 9-11, 2018 | Nanjing, China 


Editor's choice: Laser advances
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Reopening the dialogue    p765



The ten decrees of nanomaterials regulations    pp766 - 768
Lauge Peter Westergaard Clausen & Steffen Foss Hansen

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Research Highlights


Seeing through the noise    p769
Benjamin Heinrich


One and the same    p769
Olga Bubnova


A single object rotating    p769
Alberto Moscatelli


Boost microbiota studies    p769
Wenjie Sun

Nature Nanotechnology
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News & Views


Soft micro-sensotransmitters emerging    pp770 - 771
Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh


Order from disorder through dissipation of free energy    pp771 - 772
Michael J. Monteiro


Energy harvesting from lukewarm photons    pp772 - 773
Philippe Ben-Abdallah


Hidden interfaces revealed on an atomistic level    pp774 - 775
Gerd Bacher


Antibody orientation determines corona mistargeting capability    pp775 - 776
Morteza Mahmoudi



Minimum information reporting in bio–nano experimental literature    pp777 - 785
Matthew Faria, Mattias Björnmalm, Kristofer J. Thurecht, Stephen J. Kent, Robert G. Parton et al.

A proposed list of characterization items aims at improving reproducibility and consistency in experiments reporting the use of nanoengineered materials in biological applications.


Review Articles


Paving the way to single-molecule protein sequencing    pp786 - 796
Laura Restrepo-Pérez, Chirlmin Joo & Cees Dekker

Dekker et al. review protein sequencing at the single-molecule level, an entirely new technique for which various approaches including sequencing using fluorescence, nanopores and tunnelling currents are discussed.




Fast thermal relaxation in cavity-coupled graphene bolometers with a Johnson noise read-out    pp797 - 801
Dmitri K. Efetov, Ren-Jye Shiue, Yuanda Gao, Brian Skinner, Evan D. Walsh et al.

A graphene–hBN heterostructure integrated onto a photonic crystal cavity shows enhanced bolometric response owing to improved light absorption and ultrafast thermal relaxation time.



Metallic supercurrent field-effect transistor    pp802 - 805
Giorgio De Simoni, Federico Paolucci, Paolo Solinas, Elia Strambini & Francesco Giazotto

A superconducting field-effect transistor was demonstrated with a structure made of different Bardeen–Cooper–Schrieffer superconductors.



Nanogap near-field thermophotovoltaics    pp806 - 811
Anthony Fiorino, Linxiao Zhu, Dakotah Thompson, Rohith Mittapally, Pramod Reddy et al.

The power output of a thermophotovoltaic device featuring an emitter and a photovoltaic cell increases by more than an order of magnitude when the gap size between the emitter and the cell is reduced to the nanoscale.



Graphene quantum dots prevent a-synucleinopathy in Parkinson's disease    pp812 - 818
Donghoon Kim, Je Min Yoo, Heehong Hwang, Junghee Lee, Su Hyun Lee et al.

Graphene quantum dots inhibit the formation of alpha-synuclein fibrils and induce their dissociation in vitro, and display neuro-protective properties in in vivo models of Parkinson's disease, with no appreciable long-term toxicity.




Colloidal nanoelectronic state machines based on 2D materials for aerosolizable electronics    pp819 - 827
Volodymyr B. Koman, Pingwei Liu, Daichi Kozawa, Albert Tianxiang Liu, Anton L. Cottrill et al.

Colloidal state machines, composed of 2D nanoelectronics grafted onto submillimetre-sized particles, act as autonomous electronic circuits capable of logical operation and information storage.



Tailoring sample-wide pseudo-magnetic fields on a graphene–black phosphorus heterostructure    pp828 - 834
Yanpeng Liu, J. N. B. Rodrigues, Yong Zheng Luo, Linjun Li, Alexandra Carvalho et al.

Pseudo-Landau levels in strained graphene modify not only the local density of states, but also the transport through a Hall bar device.



High Purcell factor generation of indistinguishable on-chip single photons    pp835 - 840
Feng Liu, Alistair J. Brash, John O'Hara, Luis M. P. P. Martins, Catherine L. Phillips et al.

Exploiting both pulsed resonant excitation and a large Purcell enhancement, a single quantum dot coupled to a photonic crystal nanostructure can deterministically produce highly indistinguishable single photons for on-chip quantum optical applications.



Surface chemistry and buried interfaces in all-inorganic nanocrystalline solids    pp841 - 848
Emilio Scalise, Vishwas Srivastava, Eric Janke, Dmitri Talapin, Giulia Galli et al.

An integrated theoretical and experimental approach characterizes buried interfaces in nanocrystal-in-glass systems at the atomistic level, revealing how matrix density and specific defects may be designed to attain desirable electronic and transport properties.



Dissipative adaptation in driven self-assembly leading to self-dividing fibrils    pp849 - 855
Esra te Brinke, Joost Groen, Andreas Herrmann, Hans A. Heus, Germán Rivas et al.

Protein fibrils grow and divide inside a coacervate compartment in response to the local concentration of a fuel.



Direct observation of noble metal nanoparticles transforming to thermally stable single atoms    pp856 - 861
Shengjie Wei, Ang Li, Jin-Cheng Liu, Zhi Li, Wenxing Chen et al.

Pd, Pt and Au nanoparticles are encapsulated in ZIF-8. The progressive atomic dispersion of these PGM atoms as single sites in the N-doped carbon derived from ZIF-8 pyrolysis is observed.



Pre-adsorption of antibodies enables targeting of nanocarriers despite a biomolecular corona    pp862 - 869
Manuel Tonigold, Johanna Simon, Diego Estupiñán, Maria Kokkinopoulou, Jonas Reinholz et al.

Antibody pre-adsorption on the nanocarrier surface is a mild modification strategy that preserves antibody functionality and targeting ability.


Amendments & Corrections


Publisher Correction: Controllable molecular motors engineered from myosin and RNA    p870
Tosan Omabegho, Pinar S. Gurel, Clarence Y. Cheng, Laura Y. Kim, Paul V. Ruijgrok et al.


Author Correction: Ultrahard carbon film from epitaxial two-layer graphene    p870
Yang Gao, Tengfei Cao, Filippo Cellini, Claire Berger, Walter A. de Heer et al.


Publisher Correction: Factors that make an impact    p870

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