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donderdag 27 september 2018

MRC: New drugs could reduce risk of heart disease when added to statins

New drugs could reduce risk of heart disease when added to statins

New drugs that lower levels of triglycerides (a type of fat) in blood could further reduce the risk of heart attack when added to statins, according to new research conducted by MRC scientists.

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Discovery could explain failed clinical trials for Alzheimer's and provide a solution

MRC-funded scientists have discovered a vicious feedback loop underlying brain degeneration in Alzheimer's disease, which may explain why so many drug trials have failed.

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First patient in the UK receives pioneering new form of radiotherapy

MRC-funded scientists have delivered the first ever treatment in the UK using a Magnetic Resonance Linear Accelerator (MR Linac) machine.

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Mitochondrial diseases could be treated with gene therapy

Researchers have developed a genome editing tool for the potential treatment of mitochondrial diseases. The study applied an experimental gene therapy treatment in mice and successfully targeted and eliminated the damaged DNA in mitochondria.

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Smarter trials speed up patients' access to effective treatments

Adaptive clinical trials are transforming the efficiency of drug development and the MRC has played a crucial role in implementing this innovative method into the UK clinical trials landscape. This trial methodology helps to deliver the right treatment to the right patient faster than ever before.

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UK-led study marks shift towards genetic era in tackling TB

A landmark study, part-funded by the MRC, may herald a quicker, more tailored treatment for the millions of people around the world living with tuberculosis.

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New UKRI system needs community input on Horizon 2020 grants

A new system is being rolled out as a first step towards supporting the continuity of funding for UK organisations which have been awarded grants from the European Union's flagship programme for science and innovation, Horizon 2020.

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