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donderdag 20 september 2018

Care home staff use ‘bum bags’ to help residents with dementia

Care home staff use 'bum bags' to help residents with dementia
Northumberland care home staff are helping residents with dementia to feel calmer and more sociable through the use of the 1990s fashion accessory the bum bag.
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Video game exercises 'can help treat chronic lower back pain'
Home video-game exercises can reduce chronic lower back pain in older people by a level comparable to benefits gained under programmes supervised by a physiotherapist, a study has found.
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New RCN film to celebrate safe nurse staffing law in Wales
A film celebrating Welsh nurses' historic campaign to make safe staffing legally binding has had its premiere in Cardiff.
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Risks of daily aspirin outweigh benefits for healthy older adults
Taking a daily dose of aspirin does not prolong healthy living in older adults who have not previously experienced a cardiovascular event, according to an international trial.
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Nurses urged to use 'plain terminology' when breaking bad news
A specialist Macmillan nurse in neuro-oncology at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge has stressed the importance of using plain terminology when breaking devastating news to seriously ill patients and their families.
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Number of nursing students in England down by 500 this year
The number of new nursing students starting courses in England has fallen by more than 500 for the new academic year, official figures show.
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