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vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

The Lancet: [Comment] Apatinib and etoposide: surprising efficacy of an oral combination

[Comment] Apatinib and etoposide: surprising efficacy of an oral combination
The treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer remains a massive challenge. The goal of maximising treatment response while minimising toxicity and hospital stay at a time when the patient is encountering disease-related organ dysfunction requires a fine tightrope to be tread.
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[Articles] Apatinib combined with oral etoposide in patients with platinum-resistant or platinum-refractory ovarian cancer (AEROC): a phase 2, single-arm, prospective study
The combination of apatinib with oral etoposide shows promising efficacy and manageable toxicities in patients with platinum-resistant or platinum-refractory ovarian cancer, and further study in phase 3 trials is warranted.
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[Comment] Increasing incidence of cancer in children and competing risks
The Automated Childhood Cancer Information System (ACCIS) has been registering data on cancer occurrence from birth to age 20 years in most European countries since the 1970s. In The Lancet Oncology, Eva Steliarova-Foucher and colleagues1 report the latest ACCIS data analysis trends for the period 1991–2010 for malignant neoplasms in children aged 0–14 years and adolescents aged 15–19 years. Incidence data were collected in 19 countries grouped into east, north, south, and west regions of Europe.
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[Articles] Changing geographical patterns and trends in cancer incidence in children and adolescents in Europe, 1991–2010 (Automated Childhood Cancer Information System): a population-based study
Improvements in the diagnosis and registration of cancers over time could partly explain the observed increase in incidence, although some changes in underlying putative risk factors cannot be excluded. Cancer incidence trends in this young population require continued monitoring at an international level.
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[News] Problems in Medicare hospice provision
A new report has laid bare the extent of fraud, inappropriate billing, and poor quality care associated with hospice provision to Medicare, the federal health insurance programme for Americans aged 65 years and older. The report was issued by the US Office of Inspector General (OIG), which evaluates and audits Department of Health and Human Services programmes, and is based on research done during the past decade. It outlines fraudulent practices such as kickbacks, billing for unnecessary services, and the enrolment of beneficiaries who were not eligible for hospice care.
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