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donderdag 9 augustus 2018

Likelihood of dementia ‘higher among black ethnic groups’

Likelihood of dementia 'higher among black ethnic groups'
Rates of dementia diagnosis are higher among black ethnic groups compared to white and Asian groups in the UK, according to researchers from London.
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Two nurses short-listed for national NHS compassion awards
A pioneering end of life nurse and a nurse who has led the way in patient-centred emergency care have been short-listed for an award that recognises outstanding contributions to the delivery of compassionate care.
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Nurse who killed himself after sacking was 'treated unfairly'
The boss of one the largest NHS trusts in the country has apologised after an independent investigation found a nurse who took his own life after being sacked was treated unfairly.
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Nurse sets up dementia support café at Devon hospital
A dementia support café is due to be launched by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust next week to support people living with the condition and those who care for them.
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The nurse seeking digital solutions to frontline challenges
Making the most of digital technology can help tackle staffing shortages and ensure nurses spend more time on direct patient care, according to a nurse who hopes to convince others of the benefits.
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Alert issued after cardiac arrests in hyperkalaemia patients
Nurses and other clinicians have been told to treat all people with high potassium levels as an emergency, after 35 people including a baby and child suffered a cardiac arrest.
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