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zaterdag 14 juli 2018

The Lancet: [Correspondence] End immigration detention: an open letter

[Correspondence] End immigration detention: an open letter
To the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health; the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Community Safety and Emergency Preparedness; the Honourable Ahmed D Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship; and the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,
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[Articles] Effects of aspirin on risks of vascular events and cancer according to bodyweight and dose: analysis of individual patient data from randomised trials
Low doses of aspirin (75–100 mg) were only effective in preventing vascular events in patients weighing less than 70 kg, and had no benefit in the 80% of men and nearly 50% of all women weighing 70 kg or more. By contrast, higher doses of aspirin were only effective in patients weighing 70 kg or more. Given that aspirin's effects on other outcomes, including cancer, also showed interactions with body size, a one-dose-fits-all approach to aspirin is unlikely to be optimal, and a more tailored strategy is required.
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[Articles] Vulnerability to snakebite envenoming: a global mapping of hotspots
Identifying exact populations vulnerable to the most severe outcomes of snakebite envenoming at a subnational level is important for prioritising new data collection and collation, reinforcing envenoming treatment, existing health-care systems, and deploying currently available and future interventions. These maps can guide future research efforts on snakebite envenoming from both ecological and public health perspectives and better target future estimates of the burden of this neglected tropical disease.
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[Viewpoint] Health, transatlantic trade, and President Trump's populism: what American Patients First has to do with Brexit and the NHS
During Donald Trump's presidential campaign, he promised to stand up to pharmaceutical companies and, once in office, to adopt measures that would reduce drug prices. After inauguration, he repeated these claims. In May, 2018, the US Department of Health and Human Services published American Patients First,1 a blueprint for how President Trump might achieve his goals via a series of regulatory and policy actions.
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[Health Policy] The need for transparency of clinical evidence for medical devices in Europe
To use medical devices rationally, health-care professionals must base their choices of which devices to recommend for individual patients on an objective appraisal of their safety and clinical efficacy. The evidence submitted by manufacturers when seeking approval of their high-risk devices must be publicly available, including technical performance and premarket clinical studies. Giving physicians access to this information supplements the peer-reviewed scientific literature and might be essential for comparing alternative devices within any class.
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