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dinsdag 31 juli 2018

Scientific Reports Health Sciences Table of Contents e-alert: 31 July 2018

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  31 July 2018    
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Health Sciences

Jug r 6 is the allergenic vicilin present in walnut responsible for IgE cross-reactivities to other tree nuts and seeds ▶


Pawel Dubiela, Stefan Kabasser, Nicolas Smargiasso et al.


Composition, structure and tensile biomechanical properties of equine articular cartilage during growth and maturation ▶


J. Oinas, A. P. Ronkainen, L. Rieppo et al.


Beyond autophagy: a novel role for autism-linked Wdfy3 in brain mitophagy ▶


Eleonora Napoli, Gyu Song, Alexios Panoutsopoulos et al.


Optical Biometry-Based Intraocular Lens Calculation and Refractive Outcomes after Phacovitrectomy for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment and Epiretinal Membrane ▶


Nobuhiko Shiraki, Taku Wakabayashi, Hirokazu Sakaguchi et al.


Annatto-extracted tocotrienols improve glucose homeostasis and bone properties in high-fat diet-induced type 2 diabetic mice by decreasing the inflammatory response ▶


Chwan-Li Shen, Gurvinder Kaur, Desiree Wanders et al.


Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure is Linked to Epigenetic Changes in Glutamate Receptor Subunit Gene Grin2b in Female Rats and Humans ▶


Ali Alavian-Ghavanini, Ping-I Lin, P. Monica Lind et al.


Greater Microbial Translocation and Vulnerability to Metabolic Disease in Healthy Aged Female Monkeys ▶


Quentin N. Wilson, Magan Wells, Ashley T. Davis et al.


Defining the frequency of human papillomavirus and polyomavirus infection in urothelial bladder tumours ▶


Matthew A. Llewellyn, Naheema S. Gordon, Ben Abbotts et al.


NPM-hMLF1 fusion protein suppresses defects of a Drosophila FTLD model expressing the human FUS gene ▶


Itaru Yamamoto, Yumiko Azuma, Yukie Kushimura et al.


Prognostication and Risk Factors for Cystic Fibrosis via Automated Machine Learning ▶


Ahmed M. Alaa, Mihaela van der Schaar


Structural brain imaging in Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment: biomarker analysis and shared morphometry database ▶


Christian Ledig, Andreas Schuh, Ricardo Guerrero et al.


Differentially expressed microRNAs in experimental cerebral malaria and their involvement in endocytosis, adherens junctions, FoxO and TGF-β signalling pathways ▶


Aarón Martin-Alonso, Amy Cohen, María Antonieta Quispe-Ricalde et al.


Home-based Rehabilitation With A Novel Digital Biofeedback System versus Conventional In-person Rehabilitation after Total Knee Replacement: a feasibility study ▶


Fernando Dias Correia, André Nogueira, Ivo Magalhães et al.


Diffusion-weighted MRI in solitary pulmonary lesions: associations between apparent diffusion coefficient and multiple histopathological parameters ▶


Feng Zhang, Zien Zhou, Daoqiang Tang et al.


Decreased Chromosomal Damage in Lymphocytes of Obese Patients After Bariatric Surgery ▶


Ezgi Eyluel Bankoglu, Charlotte Arnold, Ilona Hering et al.


Liver-enriched Genes are Associated with the Prognosis of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma ▶


Binghua Li, Tiancheng Xu, Chaohui Liu et al.


Quantified evaluation of tracheal compression in pediatric complex congenital vascular ring by computed tomography ▶


Rong Xu, Ke Shi, Zhi-gang Yang et al.


The effect of pulsatile motion and cardiac-gating on reconstruction and diffusion tensor properties of the corticospinal tract ▶


Miriam H. A. Bopp, Jia Yang, Christopher Nimsky et al.


Epidemiology of intussusception before and after rotavirus vaccine introduction in Fiji ▶


Felisita Tupou Ratu, Rita Reyburn, Evelyn Tuivaga et al.


Leukocyte telomere length correlates with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy severity ▶


Shambhabi Chatterjee, David de Gonzalo-Calvo, Anselm A. Derda et al.


In-Vivo Nucleus Pulposus-Specific Regulation of Adult Murine Intervertebral Disc Degeneration via Wnt/Beta-Catenin Signaling ▶


Nilsson Holguin, Matthew J. Silva


Assessment of Periodontal Biotype in a Young Chinese Population using Different Measurement Methods ▶


Yunmin Shao, Lanlan Yin, Jianyu Gu et al.


PD-L1 expression in pleural effusions of pulmonary adenocarcinoma and survival prediction: a controlled study by pleural biopsy ▶


Jian Xu, Xue Han, Chunfang Liu et al.


Massively parallel sequencing of cell-free DNA in plasma for detecting gynaecological tumour-associated copy number alteration ▶


Makoto Nakabayashi, Akihiro Kawashima, Rika Yasuhara et al.


Frequency and pattern of exercise and depression after two years in older Japanese adults: the JAGES longitudinal study ▶


Satoru Kanamori, Tomoko Takamiya, Shigeru Inoue et al.


Role of Gated Myocardial Glucose Metabolic Imaging in Assessing Left Ventricular Systolic Dyssynchrony after Myocardial Infarction and the Influential Factors ▶


Xiaoliang Shao, Jianfeng Wang, Yi Tian et al.


The association between different domains of quality of life and symptoms in primary care patients with emotional disorders ▶


César González-Blanch, Fernando Hernández-de-Hita, Roger Muñoz-Navarro et al.

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