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woensdag 11 juli 2018

RCN concerned nursing associate role ‘remains ill-defined’

RCN concerned nursing associate role 'remains ill-defined'
Concerns remain over how new nursing associates will be trained and whether they will be used as substitutes for registered nurses, according to the Royal College of Nursing.
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NICE backs specialist nurse care for oesophago-gastric cancer
Patients with oesophago-gastric cancer should receive support and information from a specialist clinical nurse to help them adapt to physical changes, according to draft guidance.
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Babies put on solids early 'sleep longer and wake less often'
Babies introduced to solid foods early have been found to sleep longer, wake less frequently at night and suffer fewer serious sleep problems than those exclusively breastfed for the first six months.
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Researchers argue antibiotics 'should stop as soon as possible'
The idea that patients should always complete a course of antibiotics has again been challenged by academics.
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Spikes in air pollution linked to rise in respiratory healthcare visits
Air pollution is clearly linked to peaks in admissions to hospitals and visits to primary care for certain respiratory conditions, according to a new study by UK researchers.
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Better communication during patient handovers 'could save lives'
Improving communication between paramedics, prehospital critical care teams and emergency staff could "enhance" the care and wellbeing of critically ill or injured patients, according to UK studies.
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