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maandag 30 juli 2018

BBC Health: Trying to conquer my fear of flying

Trying to conquer my fear of flying
5 Live listener Jo tries to overcome her fear of flying on a special course, which includes a 30 min flight. But will she be able to do it?
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Prostatitis: 'How I meditated away chronic pelvic pain'
The BBC's Henri Astier explains how mindfulness helped him beat the curse of chronic pelvic pain.
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Perinatal mental health: 'I wanted to abort my IVF baby'
For many women, pregnancy is a magical time. But what happens when it isn't what you expected?
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Supreme Court to rule on vegetative state case
Judges will decide whether to make it easier to withdraw food from people in vegetative states.
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Supreme Court backs agreed end-of-life decisions
Legal permission will no longer be needed to end care for patients in a permanent vegetative state.
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