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maandag 18 juni 2018

Comment: ‘We may unknowingly consume dangerous levels of alcohol’

Comment: 'We may unknowingly consume dangerous levels of alcohol'
Alcohol is the main cause of liver disease and associated death. By raising awareness and offering brief interventions, not only to patients but also to family and friends, nurses can potentially...
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Respiratory rate 2: anatomy and physiology of breathing
Respiratory rate is a vital sign but is often not recorded. This article, the second in a six-part series, explains the anatomy and physiology of breathing and how it is affected by ill health
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Views on restrictive practices on young people in psychiatric wards
Professionals, patients and families give their views on the use of restrictive practices in psychiatric inpatient services for children and young people. This article comes with a handout for a...
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Case managers in dementia reduce the burden on carers
The quality of life of carers looking after people with dementia is most improved when they are supported by a case manager with a background in nursing, according to an analysis summarised by an...
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Trauma‐informed care in response to adverse childhood experiences
Adverse experiences in childhood have a negative impact on physical and mental health in later life. Using a trauma‐informed model of care helps to support adult survivors, parents and children
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Using film screenings to raise public awareness of mental health
Monthly screenings at Robert Gordon University use film as a medium to increase awareness of, and promote discussion around, mental health issues
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