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maandag 11 juni 2018

BBC Health: SNP conference: Sturgeon announces 'immediate' NHS pay rise

SNP conference: Sturgeon announces 'immediate' NHS pay rise
The SNP leader was speaking as the party's two-day conference in Aberdeen drew to a close.
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Kitchen towels 'can cause food poisoning'
Scientists found E.coli was more likely to be found on damp towels and those used for multiple jobs.
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STIs: Why is syphilis is on the rise?
More cases of the infection were diagnosed in England last year than at any point since WW2.
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New measures to protect doctors after Bawa-Garba case
Jeremy Hunt says patient safety will improve if staff can learn from their mistakes.
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'There's a void when the person you're caring for dies'
What happens to the people who lose a relative and their identity as a carer too?
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