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donderdag 28 juni 2018

BBC Health: Patients 'choked on hospital soft food'

Patients 'choked on hospital soft food'
Two patients with swallowing problems reportedly died in England after being given the wrong food.
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Eloise Parry death: Bernard Rebelo convicted of manslaughter
Bernard Rebelo is convicted of the manslaughter of Eloise Parry who died after taking eight diet pills.
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Babylon claims its chatbot beats GPs at medical exam
The Royal College of General Practitioners disputes the abilities of Babylon's software.
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Revamped drug could save lives of many new mothers - WHO
The World Health Organization says the medicine could reduce cases of fatal post-birth bleeding.
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Being back in the NHS 'reminded me of Afghanistan'
Michael Mosley compares working in A&E now and as a medical student 30 years ago.
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