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maandag 25 juni 2018

BBC Health: An insole with GPS tracking for dementia patients

An insole with GPS tracking for dementia patients
The NHS in Dorset is trialling a 'smart insole' that can help to keep dementia patients safe.
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Cancer patients face 'absurd' travel insurance costs
Patients are struggling to find affordable travel insurance, long after any key treatment is finished.
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'I've been left devastated by Lyme disease'
Former model Jessica Bennett says her life has been devastated by Lyme disease.
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University suicides: 'I tried to take my own life'
Chris Coombs describes how depression led him to attempt suicide in his first year at university.
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NHS no longer the envy of the world, says independent report
The UK system is criticised for being "below average" on preventing deaths from heart attacks, strokes and cancer.
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