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dinsdag 12 juni 2018

BBC Health: 'I'll be broke if I live to 100'

'I'll be broke if I live to 100'
Many older people are now paying for their own social care and say they'll be left short when the cash runs out.
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River study finds 29 types of drug in the Foss and Ouse
Some pharmaceutical drugs which cannot be prescribed in the UK were found in York's rivers.
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How one woman coped when 13 years of caring ended
Helen Clues says she's now rebuilding a life after years spent caring for her parents and husband.
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Germany recalls contaminated Dutch eggs in fipronil scare
Six states are told to pull 73,000 eggs from sale after residue from an insecticide is detected.
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Public Health Agency recalls 150 women for cancer test
150 patients are being contacted to have their cervical smear test redone.
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