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donderdag 17 mei 2018

Nursing agency launches ‘buddy’ system to boost mental wellbeing

Nursing agency launches 'buddy' system to boost mental wellbeing
A nursing agency has launched new training and a "buddy" system for staff, as part of wider efforts to ensure employees look after their own mental wellbeing.
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Call for suicide prevention training to become standard for all nurses
Training on suicide prevention should be seen as important as learning life support skills, according to nurses who have highlighted a lack of education and awareness among the profession.
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Prison nurses 'becoming demotivated, stressed and burnt out'
Working conditions and morale must be improved for prison nurses, who are operating within a service that is in crisis, members of the Royal College of Nursing have warned.
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Moderate to high intensity exercise 'does not slow dementia'
Moderate to high intensity exercise programmes do not slow cognitive impairment in older people with dementia, according to findings from a UK study.
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Student wins accolade for outstanding nursing staff in trust first
Faye Louise Crawford has become the first student nurse to ever be crowned as the overall winner of South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's annual awards for nursing staff.
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RCN to 'strive to make further progress' to close gender pay gap
The Royal College of Nursing has this week pledged to continue to work to close its gender pay gap, which it said was mainly the result of employing more men in senior positions.
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