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donderdag 3 mei 2018

BBC Health: Weight loss and loose skin: Patients ‘forgotten’ by NHS

Weight loss and loose skin: Patients 'forgotten' by NHS
A surgeon says people who need surgery to remove excess skin after massive weight loss are being overlooked.
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'I lost 19 stone but hate my saggy skin'
Amy lost 19 stone but tells Newsbeat the excess skin she was left with is making her unhappy.
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Breast screening error 'affects 450,000 women'
Women in England did not receive a letter to their final routine breast examination before their 70th birthday.
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Breast screening error: What went wrong?
How does England's breast screening programme work and what went wrong?
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Hidden fats: What's underneath your skin?
Sushi, 29, is an average-sized, healthy woman on the outside - but what about on the inside?
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