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donderdag 10 mei 2018

BBC Health: Cinema fizzy drinks contain 'concerning' bacteria levels

Cinema fizzy drinks contain 'concerning' bacteria levels
A BBC Watchdog investigation tested hygiene standards at Odeon, Vue and Cineworld chains.
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Long hospital waits can be 'devastating' - watchdog
Patients watchdogs report issues ranging from stress to extreme pain because of long waits for treatment.
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FGM: Dorset survivor says it shouldn't be a taboo
Salimata was subjected to FGM in Senegal when she was five years old.
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Why is there stigma around male baldness?
Scientists say an existing drug could one day treat baldness, but why do men try to "cure" themselves of it?
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EastEnders star Barbara Windsor diagnosed with Alzheimer's
The actress's symptoms of memory loss and confusion have grown worse recently, her husband says.
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