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dinsdag 17 april 2018

Scientific Reports Chemistry Table of Contents e-alert: 17 April 2018

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  17 April 2018    
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Some of Japan's smallest institutions are among the most efficient in the production of high quality scientific research, though the decline in Japan's high quality scientific research output continues. This supplement examines reform efforts in light of the country's aim to become a "super-smart" society.

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Chemical Sciences

Integrated dual-tomography for refractive index analysis of free-floating single living cell with isotropic superresolution ▶


Vinoth B., Xin-Ji Lai, Yu-Chih Lin et al.


Electrically Enhanced Self-Thermophoresis of Laser-Heated Janus Particles under a Rotating Electric Field ▶


Yu-Liang Chen, Cheng-Xiang Yang, Hong-Ren Jiang


Highly extended filaments in aqueous gold nano-particle colloidals ▶


Shuai Yuan, Feng J. Liu, Li R. Wang et al.


Annealing induced atomic rearrangements on (Ga,In) (N,As) probed by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray absorption fine structure ▶


Fumitaro Ishikawa, Kotaro Higashi, Satoshi Fuyuno et al.


Role of the Interplay Between the Internal and External Conditions in Invasive Behavior of Tumors ▶


Youness Azimzade, Abbas Ali Saberi, Muhammad Sahimi


Spin-dependent magneto-thermopower of narrow-gap lead chalcogenide quantum wells ▶


Parijat Sengupta, Yu Wen, Junxia Shi


Possible superconductivity in the Bismuth IV solid phase under pressure ▶


Ariel A. Valladares, Isaías Rodríguez, David Hinojosa-Romero et al.


Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons Power Divider with large Isolation ▶


Shiyan Zhou, Jing-Yu Lin, Sai-Wai Wong et al.


Effects of noise on the internal resonance of a nonlinear oscillator ▶


Damián H. Zanette


Community Detection in Complex Networks via Clique Conductance ▶


Zhenqi Lu, Johan Wahlström, Arye Nehorai


Degradation Kinetics of Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells ▶


Mejd Alsari, Andrew J. Pearson, Jacob Tse-Wei Wang et al.


Defect-engineered TiO2 Hollow Spiny Nanocubes for Phenol Degradation under Visible Light Irradiation ▶


Xiaolan Kang, Xue-Zhi Song, Ying Han et al.


MEMS based highly sensitive dual FET gas sensor using graphene decorated Pd-Ag alloy nanoparticles for H2 detection ▶


Bharat Sharma, Jung-Sik Kim


Break the Interacting Bridge between Eu3+ Ions in the 3D Network Structure of CdMoO4: Eu3+ Bright Red Emission Phosphor ▶


Weiguang Ran, Hyeon Mi Noh, Sung Heum Park et al.


Angular flux creep contributions in YBa2Cu3O7−δ nanocomposites from electrical transport measurements ▶


F. Vallès, A. Palau, V. Rouco et al.


Hybrid cluster precursors of the LaZrO insulator for transistors: lowering the processing temperature ▶


Peixin Zhu, Jinwang Li, Phan Trong Tue et al.


Electrical and optical properties of epitaxial binary and ternary GeTe-Sb2Te3 alloys ▶


Jos E. Boschker, Xiang Lü, Valeria Bragaglia et al.


A new failure mechanism of electromigration by surface diffusion of Sn on Ni and Cu metallization in microbumps ▶


Yuan-Wei Chang, Chia-chia Hu, Hsin-Ying Peng et al.


Comprehensive Modeling of Multimode Fiber Sensors for Refractive Index Measurement and Experimental Validation ▶


Haris Apriyanto, Gautier Ravet, Olivier D. Bernal et al.


A Hyphenated Preconcentrator-Infrared-Hollow-Waveguide Sensor System for N2O Sensing ▶


João Flavio da Silveira Petruci, Andreas Wilk, Arnaldo Alves Cardoso et al.


Quantization of geometric phase with integer and fractional topological characterization in a quantum Ising chain with long-range interaction ▶


Sujit Sarkar


Charge mobility retrieval approach from apparent charge packet movements based on the negative differential resistance theory ▶


Jia Meng, Yewen Zhang, Stéphane Holé et al.


Super-resolution for asymmetric resolution of FIB-SEM 3D imaging using AI with deep learning ▶


Katsumi Hagita, Takeshi Higuchi, Hiroshi Jinnai


Bilayer synergetic coupling double negative acoustic metasurface and cloak ▶


Fuyin Ma, Meng Huang, Yicai Xu et al.


Potential formula of the nonregular m × n fan network and its application ▶


Zhen Tan, Zhi-Zhong Tan, Jianxin Chen


A Novel Lubricant Based on Covalent Functionalized Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots ▶


Andreas Wolk, Marta Rosenthal, Stephan Neuhaus et al.


Extending a Gray Lattice Boltzmann Model for Simulating Fluid Flow in Multi-Scale Porous Media ▶


Jiujiang Zhu, Jingsheng Ma


Bayesian-Driven First-Principles Calculations for Accelerating Exploration of Fast Ion Conductors for Rechargeable Battery Application ▶


Randy Jalem, Kenta Kanamori, Ichiro Takeuchi et al.


Fluorinated reduced graphene oxide as a protective layer on the metallic lithium for application in the high energy batteries ▶


Jernej Bobnar, Matic Lozinšek, Gregor Kapun et al.


Sorbent Film-Coated Passive Samplers for Explosives Vapour Detection Part A: Materials Optimisation and Integration with Analytical Technologies ▶


Gillian L. McEneff, Bronagh Murphy, Tony Webb et al.


Lithium diffusion in Li5FeO4 ▶


Navaratnarajah Kuganathan, Poobalasuntharam Iyngaran, Alexander Chroneos


Sorbent Film-Coated Passive Samplers for Explosives Vapour Detection Part B: Deployment in Semi-Operational Environments and Alternative Applications ▶


Gillian L. McEneff, Alexandra Richardson, Tony Webb et al.


Implementation of a Toffoli gate using an array of coupled cavities in a single step ▶


Y. Cao, G. C. Wang, H. D. Liu et al.


Mimicking Electromagnetic Wave Coupling in Tokamak Plasma with Fishnet Metamaterials ▶


K. Rustomji, R. Abdeddaim, J. Achard et al.

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