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zondag 15 april 2018

RCGP: 'Bureaucracy getting in the way of common sense' - RCGP verdict on GP trainee facing deportation

'Bureaucracy getting in the way of common sense' - RCGP verdict on GP trainee facing deportation

"We need every single appropriately-trained doctor we can get working in UK general practice, so it makes absolutely no sense that a GP trainee who has studied medicine here – at great national investment - and chosen to become a family doctor here, is being pushed out instead of being welcomed with open arms.

"We understand the need for well-defined rules on immigration, but these need to be intelligently applied. This really is a tragic example of bureaucracy getting in the way of common sense.

"We have previously raised concerns with the Home Secretary about the impact of visa rules on the GP workforce, and we'll be writing again in the strongest possible terms, urging her to intervene in this case and to ensure similar instances are not repeated."

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New evidence on weight loss and cancer should be considered in clinical guidelines, says College

"But currently there are no clinical guidelines to support GPs and their teams in how to respond to or investigate patients who present with weight loss, without other symptoms, in the cancer setting.

"These important findings present strong evidence of the correlation between significant unexplained weight loss and many cancers, and should certainly be taken on board as clinical guidelines for GPs and healthcare professionals are updated and developed.

"We agree with the researchers' recommendations that GPs need better access to diagnostic tools in the community across the UK so that we can appropriately refer patients to either rule out or confirm a diagnosis of cancer, as currently our access is amongst the lowest in Europe. We hope the pilot of 'one stop' cancer clinics, announced last week by NHS England, in addition to the roll out of the Faster Diagnosis Standard programme, will be a step to achieving this across the country.

"Cancer is an enduring priority for the College and we are working with Cancer Research UK, and others, to develop resources to support GPs in the timely identification and diagnosis of cancer."

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Patient frustration with appointment delays in Wales shows need to tackle underinvestment and workforce shortages in general practice

The Royal College of General Practitioners Wales has said GPs share patients' frustrations when they are sometimes unable to offer timely appointments. The College believes patients deserve better and want patients to be able to see their GP where and when they need it. This is why RCGP Wales is urging the Welsh Government to take urgent action and addressing the GP workforce shortage and boost investment in general practice.

The survey also found that 90% of patients were happy with the care they received, and that 77% of people had seen their GP.

Dr Will Mackintosh, Royal College of General Practitioners Wales, said:

"GPs are working extremely hard to provide timely appointments and we are frustrated when we are sometimes unable to do this.

"Long waiting times are a result of the underinvestment and severe workforce pressures that general practice is facing.

"We have an ageing population and more patients with multiple and complex illnesses, but an increase in workload is not being matched with enough GPs on the ground.

"There are 136 GP training places in Wales; RCGP Wales believes we need to see this increased to 200 in order to secure a sustainable workforce.

"This is a long-term solution, but we also need to see more short-term measures such as steps to alleviate unsustainable workload pressures and keep existing GPs in the profession.

"GP are doing their best in very challenging circumstances, and we want to deliver the very best care for patients, but if waiting times are going to reduce then we will need action to maintain and increase the workforce."

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