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donderdag 19 april 2018

New outcome measures to boost ‘standards of incontinence care’

New outcome measures to boost 'standards of incontinence care'
For the first time, health and social care experts say they have developed a "definitive" set of outcome measures and key performance indicators (KPIs) for toileting and containment strategies.
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Stretched HCAs doing nurse tasks 'without training or supervision'
Healthcare assistants are being expected to do the work of registered nurses without adequate training or proper supervision, according to survey results released by a union.
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Health visitor cuts negatively affecting breastfeeding support
Nearly one in three health visitors say their ability to support breastfeeding mothers has reduced in recent years, according to a new survey that reveals the impact of public health cuts.
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Trust starts bundles to support new parents after previous loss
New bundles have been launched by a hospital trust with the aim of supporting new parents after the birth of a so-called "rainbow baby", in the wake of a previous bereavement.
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Nursing home tries to tempt nurses with offer of free holiday
A nursing home in Scarborough is trying to lure nurses to work there with the offer of a free holiday in the sun before they start.
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Labour pledges to mandate additional visit by health visitors
Labour has pledged to introduce an extra mandatory home visit by health visitors while children are aged three to four months, if the party comes into power.
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