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vrijdag 6 april 2018

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Contents: 2018 Volume #25 pp 297 - 355

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Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

April 2018 Volume 25, Issue 4

News & Views
Amendments & Corrections



G√ľnter Blobel 1936–2018    pp297 - 298
Yuh Min Chook, Beatriz M. A. Fontoura & Michael P. Rout

News & Views


Molecular autopsy provides evidence for widespread ribosome-phased mRNA fragmentation    pp299 - 301
Tatsuaki Kurosaki & Lynne E. Maquat

Recent developments in transcriptome-wide sequencing technologies have enabled the identification of cellular mRNA decay intermediates. Although canonical mRNA decay has been shown to occur by deadenylation followed by decapping and subsequent exonucleolytic decay from both mRNA ends, a study by Mourelatos and colleagues now defines mRNA fragments that are generated on polysomes by endonucleolytic cleavages phased by the associated ribosome.




Ribothrypsis, a novel process of canonical mRNA decay, mediates ribosome-phased mRNA endonucleolysis    pp302 - 310
Fadia Ibrahim, Manolis Maragkakis, Panagiotis Alexiou & Zissimos Mourelatos

Using Akron-seq, a novel approach that captures native 3′ and 5′ ends of capped and polyadenylated RNAs, Mourelatos and colleagues show that mRNAs are subject to repeated cotranslational endonucleolytic cuts at the ribosome exit channel.


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Atomic-level evidence for packing and positional amyloid polymorphism by segment from TDP-43 RRM2    pp311 - 319
Elizabeth L. Guenther, Peng Ge, Hamilton Trinh, Michael R. Sawaya, Duilio Cascio et al.

Structural analyses of fibrils formed by segments from human TDP-43 RRM2 reveal extensive packing and positional polymorphism.


Gating interaction maps reveal a noncanonical electromechanical coupling mode in the Shaker K+ channel    pp320 - 326


Interaction-energy analyses of the interfaces between voltage-sensor and pore domains of the Shaker K+ channel reveal the role of contacts between S4 and S5 in electromechanical coupling in addition to the canonical pathway through the S4–S5 linker.


Global delay in nascent strand DNA methylation    pp327 - 332
Jocelyn Charlton, Timothy L. Downing, Zachary D. Smith, Hongcang Gu, Kendell Clement et al.

A lag in nascent strand DNA methylation contributes to heterogeneous methylation in asynchronous cell populations, but cancer cells and active transcription factor binding sites preserve heterogeneity even after cell cycle arrest.


Structural basis of small-molecule inhibition of human multidrug transporter ABCG2    pp333 - 340
Scott M. Jackson, Ioannis Manolaridis, Julia Kowal, Melanie Zechner, Nicholas M. I. Taylor et al.

Cryo-EM structures of human ABCG2 bound to synthetic derivatives of inhibitor Ko143 or the multidrug resistance modulator tariquidar together with insight into the structure–activity relationship of the Ko143 scaffold provide a basis for the design of novel ABCG2 inhibitors.


Atomic structures of FUS LC domain segments reveal bases for reversible amyloid fibril formation    pp341 - 346
Feng Luo, Xinrui Gui, Heng Zhou, Jinge Gu, Yichen Li et al.

Two segments from FUS LC are shown to form reversible fibrils. The structural bases for this behavior and for its regulation by phosphorylation is revealed using X-ray and microelectron diffraction.


Mechanisms of improved specificity of engineered Cas9s revealed by single-molecule FRET analysis    pp347 - 354
Digvijay Singh, Yanbo Wang, John Mallon, Olivia Yang, Jingyi Fei et al.

Single-molecule FRET analysis of DNA binding and unwinding by two engineered Cas9s reveals that their improved specificity is achieved through lower binding and more transient unwinding of mismatched DNA and lower intrinsic cleavage reaction rates.


Amendments & Corrections


Author Correction: Cryo-electron tomography reveals that dynactin recruits a team of dyneins for processive motility    p355
Danielle A. Grotjahn, Saikat Chowdhury, Yiru Xu, Richard J. McKenney, Trina A. Schroer et al.

Author Correction: Structural basis of AAUAAA polyadenylation signal recognition by the human CPSF complex    p355


Author Correction: Global delay in nascent strand DNA methylation    p355
Jocelyn Charlton, Timothy L. Downing, Zachary D. Smith, Hongcang Gu, Kendell Clement et al.

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