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woensdag 11 april 2018

Nature Nanotechnology Contents April 2018 Volume 13 Number 4 pp269 - 352

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Nature Nanotechnology

Combined Spectrometer / Microscope 

Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy is a valuable tool for investigating excited state dynamics in semiconductors.

By interfacing a spectrometer like the FluoTime 300 with a microscope such as the MicroTime 100, one can easily record time-, space-, and spectrally resolved luminescence spectra. 

Find out what happens within your sample!

April 2018 Volume 13, Issue 4

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High Voltage Power Supplies Selection Guide

What questions should you be answering when choosing a high voltage power supply?

guide outlines the key specifications to cover in your high voltage power supply selection process to ensure you are picking a correctly specified product to avoid the risks of development delays, increased costs, and slow time-to-market.

KACST Impact

KACST Impact is a new online publication highlighting the latest cutting edge scientific research conducted at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) that features various stories ranging from exciting new scientific finds to the commercialization of innovative discoveries. 

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2D magnetism gets hot    p269

Quantum dots on your mind    p269



Denominational interpretations of nanotech    pp270 - 271
Chris Toumey

Research Highlights


A tailored snip    p272
Chiara Pastore

A new metallene arrival    p272
Olga Bubnova

Sensing hot electrons    p272
Benjamin Heinrich

Scalable thermal insulator    p272
Wenjie Sun

News & Views


Low-energy desalination    pp273 - 274
Huanting Wang

Continuously revolving patterns    pp274 - 275
David Bléger

Charge transport in the inverted Marcus region    pp276 - 277
Joshua Hihath

Nature Nanotechnology
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Evaluating the potential of using quantum dots for monitoring electrical signals in neurons    pp278 - 288
Alexander L. Efros, James B. Delehanty, Alan L. Huston, Igor L. Medintz, Mladen Barbic et al.



Strong room-temperature ferromagnetism in VSe2 monolayers on van der Waals substrates    pp289 - 293
Manuel Bonilla, Sadhu Kolekar, Yujing Ma, Horacio Coy Diaz, Vijaysankar Kalappattil et al.

Reducing the dimensionality of paramagnetic VSe2 results in the emergence of ferromagnetism that is observed in a monolayer and up to room temperature.


Spatially controlled doping of two-dimensional SnS2 through intercalation for electronics    pp294 - 299
Yongji Gong, Hongtao Yuan, Chun-Lan Wu, Peizhe Tang, Shi-Ze Yang et al.

Intercalation of copper and cobalt atoms into n-type SnS2 enables seamless integration of metal, and n- and p-type semiconductors in one parent 2D material.


Giant photoeffect in proton transport through graphene membranes    pp300 - 303
Marcelo Lozada-Hidalgo, Sheng Zhang, Sheng Hu, Vasyl G. Kravets, Francisco J. Rodriguez et al.

Proton transport through catalytically activated graphene membranes can be strongly enhanced by visible light.


Revolving supramolecular chiral structures powered by light in nanomotor-doped liquid crystals    pp304 - 308
Tetiana Orlova, Federico Lancia, Charles Loussert, Supitchaya Iamsaard, Nathalie Katsonis et al.

When a helix-based liquid crystal that incorporates molecular motors is illuminated locally with intensity above a certain threshold, a continuous, regular and unidirectional rotation emerges.


Genetic programs can be compressed and autonomously decompressed in live cells    pp309 - 315
Nicolas Lapique & Yaakov Benenson

The DNA footprint of synthetic gene circuits can be compressed and decompressed in human cells using reversible recombinase reactions.


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Charge splitters and charge transport junctions based on guanine quadruplexes    pp316 - 321
Ruojie Sha, Limin Xiang, Chaoren Liu, Alexander Balaeff, Yuqi Zhang et al.

Guanine-quadruplex motifs form multi-ended DNA junctions that transport electrical charges with minimal losses.


Transition from direct to inverted charge transport Marcus regions in molecular junctions via molecular orbital gating    pp322 - 329
Li Yuan, Lejia Wang, Alvar R. Garrigues, Li Jiang, Harshini Venkata Annadata et al.

Charge transport in molecular junctions can be incoherent, yet virtually independent of temperature.


Confinement-induced liquid crystalline transitions in amyloid fibril cholesteric tactoids    pp330 - 336
Gustav Nyström, Mario Arcari & Raffaele Mezzenga

Left-handed amyloid fibrils form nematic and right-handed cholesteric tactoids with confinement-induced transitions from an ordered to an ordered state.


2D MoS2 as an efficient protective layer for lithium metal anodes in high-performance Li–S batteries    pp337 - 344
Eunho Cha, Mumukshu D. Patel, Juhong Park, Jeongwoon Hwang, Vish Prasad et al.

An ~10-nm-thick MoS2 layer stabilizes lithium metal anodes and the composite can be used in full-cell Li–S batteries with enhanced performances.


High-flux water desalination with interfacial salt sieving effect in nanoporous carbon composite membranes    pp345 - 350
Wei Chen, Shuyu Chen, Tengfei Liang, Qiang Zhang, Zhongli Fan et al.

Nanoporous carbon composite membranes exhibit 100% salt rejection and high water flux due to the interfacial sieving effect and the fast transport of vapour in carbon pores, respectively.


In the Classroom


Science and style    p352
Giacomo Prando

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