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donderdag 12 april 2018

Eye - Table of Contents alert Volume 32 Issue 4

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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Clinical Studies
Laboratory Studies
Case Series
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Clinical Studies

The use of optical coherence tomography angiography for detecting choroidal neovascularization, compared to standard multimodal imaging

T Soomro & J Talks

Eye 2018 32 :661 - 672; March 30, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2018.2


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Exploring factors predicting changes in patients’ expectations and psychosocial issues during the course of treatment with intravitreal injections for wet age-related macular degeneration

S Sii, P Aspinall, S Borooah & B Dhillon

Eye 2017 32 :673 - 678; December 08, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.271


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Clinical outcome of Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty in 18 cases with iridocorneal endothelial syndrome

M Ao, Y Feng, G Xiao, Y Xu & J Hong

Eye 2017 32 :679 - 686; December 15, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.282


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Gun trauma and ophthalmic outcomes

N Chopra, K A Gervasio, B Kalosza & A Y Wu

Eye 2017 32 :687 - 692; December 22, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.249


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Surgical outcomes of three different surgical techniques for treatment of convergence insufficiency intermittent exotropia

M F Farid & E A Abdelbaset

Eye 2017 32 :693 - 700; December 22, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.259


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Peripapillary retina nerve fiber layer thickness and macular ganglion cell layer thickness in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

N Kara, N Sayin, S E Bayramoglu & A U Savas

Eye 2017 32 :701 - 706; December 22, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.279


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Swept-source and optical coherence tomography angiography in patients with X-linked retinoschisis

N Padrón-Pérez, J Català-Mora, J Díaz, L Arias, J Prat et al.

Eye 2018 32 :707 - 715; January 05, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.281


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Cigarette smoking and glaucoma in the United States population

S M Law, X Lu, F Yu, V Tseng, S K Law et al.

Eye 2018 32 :716 - 725; January 05, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.292


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Visual outcomes and anatomic changes after sub-threshold micropulse yellow laser (577-nm) treatment for chronic central serous chorioretinopathy: long-term follow-up

A Arsan, H S Kanar & A Sonmez

Eye 2018 32 :726 - 733; January 05, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.293


Abstract | Full Text

Response of central serous chorioretinopathy evaluated by multimodal retinal imaging

R Sacconi, G Baldin, A Carnevali, L Querques, A Rabiolo et al.

Eye 2018 32 :734 - 742; January 05, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.295


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A British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit Study on metastatic endogenous endophthalmitis

S Maling, C King & N Davies

Eye 2018 32 :743 - 748; January 12, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.284


Abstract | Full Text

South African Eye Study (SAES): ethnic differences in central corneal thickness and intraocular pressure

S O Baboolal & D P Smit

Eye 2018 32 :749 - 756; January 12, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.291


Abstract | Full Text

Upper lid ptosis surgery: what is the optimal interval for the postoperative review? A retrospective review of 300 cases

A M Porteous, A S Haridas, J R O Collin & D H Verity

Eye 2018 32 :757 - 762; January 12, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.294


Abstract | Full Text

Corneal sensitivity and subjective complaints of ocular pain in patients with fibromyalgia

V Aykut, A Elbay, I Çigdem Uçar, F Esen, A Durmus et al.

Eye 2018 32 :763 - 767; January 26, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.275


Abstract | Full Text

Botulinum toxin as an initial therapy for management of sixth nerve palsies caused by nasopharyngeal carcinomas

E S Wong, C P S Lam, F H S Lau, W W Y Lau & J C S Yam

Eye 2018 32 :768 - 774; January 26, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.276


Abstract | Full Text

Microbial keratitis in corneal grafts: predisposing factors and outcomes

A C O Okonkwo, W F Siah, H D J Hogg, H Anwar & F C Figueiredo

Eye 2018 32 :775 - 781; January 26, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.310


Abstract | Full Text

Morphological analysis and quantitative evaluation of myopic maculopathy by three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging

X Yu, W Ma, B Liu, Z Li, X Zhao et al.

Eye 2018 32 :782 - 787; February 09, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.263


Abstract | Full Text

Cataract surgery patient-reported outcome measures: a head-to-head comparison of the psychometric performance and patient acceptability of the Cat-PROM5 and Catquest-9SF self-report questionnaires

J M Sparrow, M T Grzeda, N A Frost, R L Johnston, C S C Liu et al.

Eye 2018 32 :788 - 795; January 26, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.297


Abstract | Full Text

Cat-PROM5: a brief psychometrically robust self-report questionnaire instrument for cataract surgery

J M Sparrow, M T Grzeda, N A Frost, R L Johnston, C S C Liu et al.

Eye 2018 32 :796 - 805; March 09, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2018.1


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Laboratory Studies

A novel missense mutation in HSF4 causes autosomal-dominant congenital lamellar cataract in a British family

V Berry, N Pontikos, A Moore, A C W Ionides, V Plagnol et al.

Eye 2017 32 :806 - 812; December 15, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.268


Abstract | Full Text

Matrix regeneration agents improve wound healing in non-stressed human corneal epithelial cells

A Robciuc, R P J Arvola, M Jauhiainen & J M Holopainen

Eye 2017 32 :813 - 819; December 22, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.277


Abstract | Full Text

A novel and less invasive technique to assess cytokine profile of vitreous in patients of diabetic macular oedema

G Srividya, M Jain, K Mahalakshmi, S Gayathri, R Raman et al.

Eye 2018 32 :820 - 829; January 05, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.285


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Case Series

Safety of intravitreal injection of ranibizumab in early pregnancy: a series of three cases

P Fossum, C Couret, B Briend, M Weber & L Lagarce

Eye 2018 32 :830 - 832; January 19, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.305


Abstract | Full Text


Validation of VSLD questionnaire in patients with learning disabilities undergoing cataract surgery

E Rostron, C Rawse & R F Pilling

Eye 2017 32 :833 - 834; November 17, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.244


Abstract | Full Text

A novel record for patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration: providing information and a personal treatment record

M Shah, A M Haque & S M Downes

Eye 2017 32 :834 - 835; November 17, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.246


Abstract | Full Text

Comment on: ‘Corneal confocal scanning laser microscopy in patients with dry eye disease treated with topical cyclosporine’

L R Kumar

Eye 2017 32 :835 - 836; November 24, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.251


Abstract | Full Text

Reply to Comment on: ‘Corneal confocal scanning laser microscopy in patients with dry eye disease treated with topical cyclosporine’

C Cagini, B Iaccheri, G Torroni, T Fiore, A Cerquaglia et al.

Eye 2017 32 :836 - 837; November 24, 2017; 10.1038/eye.2017.253


Abstract | Full Text

Fine cannula technique for sub-Tenon’s injection for ophthalmic anaesthesia

A El-Khayat, M Wakefield, P Boddy & J Prydal

Eye 2018 32 :837 - 838; January 05, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.286


Abstract | Full Text

Indications for explant of implantable collamer lens

M Kaur, J S Titiyal, R Falera, R Sinha & N Sharma

Eye 2018 32 :838 - 840; January 12, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.307


Abstract | Full Text

Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy and macular drusen: evidence for coincidence?

M Matthaei, E Elsner, A Caramoy, W Adler, S Siebelmann et al.

Eye 2018 32 :840 - 841; January 19, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.301


Abstract | Full Text

East of England regional retinopathy of prematurity service: lessons from the first year

L E Allen & A te Water Naudé

Eye 2018 32 :841 - 843; January 19, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.302


Abstract | Full Text

A novel mutation (LEU396ARG) in OPA1 is associated with a severe phenotype in a large dominant optic atrophy pedigree

M J Schnieders, W Goar, M Griess, B R Roos, T E Scheetz et al.

Eye 2018 32 :843 - 845; January 19, 2018; 10.1038/eye.2017.303


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