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maandag 9 april 2018

BBC Health: Long NHS waits: My child flew to Turkey for op

Long NHS waits: My child flew to Turkey for op
Fourteen-year-old girl had to go abroad for spinal surgery because of delays in Northern Ireland.
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NI delays led to patient's spinal surgery in Turkey
In Northern Ireland, 14,000 people are waiting more than a year to receive treatment, compared to 1,800 in England.
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Reclassify cancers to improve treatment, researchers say
Cancers should be classed by similarities in tumour types, not by where they are formed, a study says.
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Ipswich Hospital reviews policy after Ed Sheeran visit
Singer Ed Sheeran was treated at Ipswich Hospital after he broke his elbow and wrist.
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Prostate cancer: Four in 10 cases diagnosed late, charity says
A report by the charity Orchid found 37% of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed in the late stages.
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