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woensdag 11 april 2018

BBC Health: Brain injuries increase dementia risk, study finds

Brain injuries increase dementia risk, study finds
An analysis found people who had brain injuries were 24% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia.
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Woman's missing jaw regrown by 9cm after cancer
Val Blunden's jaw has been reconstructed by "stretching" her own tissue and bone around a frame.
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NHS heart bypass surgery waiting times double in Wales
Heart surgery patients in Wales see the average waiting time rise from 43 days to 79.
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YouTube star prompts conversation about social anxieties
Social anxiety is like 'falling down the rabbit hole of endless what ifs' says one suffer in a candid online debate.
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Exercise benefits to the brain 'may be passed on'
A study in mice found that physical and mental exercise in adults improved offspring's learning ability.
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