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donderdag 12 april 2018

BBC Health: Anti-abortion campaigner: 'We will continue to hold vigils'

Anti-abortion campaigner: 'We will continue to hold vigils'
One campaigner says a 100m "buffer zone" at a London abortion clinic will not be a deterrent.
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Chinese baby born four years after parents' death
A surrogate mother gave birth as the biological parents had frozen embryos before they died in a car crash.
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Late risers at increased risk of early death, study finds
Night owls are 10% more likely to have premature deaths than early risers, a study says.
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A&E waits hit new record worst level
Latest performance figures show difficult winter for NHS has continued into March.
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Student suicide rates overtake non-students
Researchers warn of suicide rates among students rising above the rest of their age group.
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