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dinsdag 13 maart 2018

WHO: Denmark campaign rebuilds confidence in HPV vaccination

Denmark campaign rebuilds confidence in HPV vaccination
When Eigil Rosegar Poulsen first heard about the controversy over the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination in Denmark, he became quite upset. Still, the debate sparked a desire to share his story.

In 2010 Eigil lost his wife, Trine, to cervical cancer—a disease caused by the HPV virus—leaving him to raise their three daughters alone. Though the WHO-recommended vaccine against the most common types of the virus was only introduced in Denmark's child vaccination schedule in 2009, far too late for his wife to benefit, Eigil is a strong advocate for vaccination.
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Saving lives by sharing knowledge online
The early 21st century – with its increased travel and trade, rapid urbanization, environmental degradation and climate change – could have been fashioned to help epidemics thrive and grow.

As public health emergencies have become more complex so have the responses – with local, national and international personnel involved, all bringing different backgrounds, cultures and levels of knowledge.
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