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dinsdag 13 maart 2018

Scientific Reports Chemistry Table of Contents e-alert: 13 March 2018

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  13 March 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

Transient Radiation Imaging Based on a ZnO:Ga Single-Crystal Image Converter ▶


Mengxuan Xu, Liang Chen, Zhiming Yao et al.


Design of broadband graphene-metamaterial absorbers for permittivity sensing at mid-infrared regions ▶


Hailong Huang, Hui Xia, Wenke Xie et al.


High-speed photon-counting laser ranging for broad range of distances ▶


Bingcheng Du, Chengkai Pang, Di Wu et al.


Ti12C68: A stable T h -symmetry hollow cage ▶


Ling-Yan Ai, Hui-Yan Zhao, Hong-Man Ma et al.


The effect of texture and grain size on improving the mechanical properties of Mg-Al-Zn alloys by friction stir processing ▶


Jinhua Peng, Zhen Zhang, Zhao Liu et al.


Sacrificial-template-free synthesis of core-shell C@Bi2S3 heterostructures for efficient supercapacitor and H2 production applications ▶


S. V. Prabhakar Vattikuti, Anil Kumar Reddy Police, Jaesool Shim et al.


Critical test of isotropic periodic sum techniques with group-based cut-off schemes ▶


Takuma Nozawa, Kenji Yasuoka, Kazuaki Z. Takahashi


Spatiotemporal Airy Ince–Gaussian wave packets in strongly nonlocal nonlinear media ▶


Xi Peng, Jingli Zhuang, Yulian Peng et al.


Low-temperature synthesis and investigation into the formation mechanism of high quality Ni-Fe layered double hydroxides hexagonal platelets ▶


Sonia Jaśkaniec, Christopher Hobbs, Andrés Seral-Ascaso et al.


On the insulator-to-metal transition in titanium-implanted silicon ▶


Fang Liu, Mao Wang, Yonder Berencén et al.


Fast and efficient wireless power transfer via transitionless quantum driving ▶


Koushik Paul, Amarendra K. Sarma


Polarity-inverted lateral overgrowth and selective wet-etching and regrowth (PILOSWER) of GaN ▶


Dongsoo Jang, Miyeon Jue, Donghoi Kim et al.


Impact of the pulse contrast ratio on molybdenum Kα generation by ultrahigh intensity femtosecond laser solid interaction ▶


Y. Azamoum, V. Tcheremiskine, R. Clady et al.


Mechanistic insights of Li+ diffusion within doped LiFePO4 from Muon Spectroscopy ▶


Ian D. Johnson, Thomas E. Ashton, Ekaterina Blagovidova et al.


Induced nano-scale self-formed metal-oxide interlayer in amorphous silicon tin oxide thin film transistors ▶


Xianzhe Liu, Hua Xu, Honglong Ning et al.


ZnFeAl-layered double hydroxides/TiO2 composites as photoanodes for photocathodic protection of 304 stainless steel ▶


Xiu-tong Wang, Xiao-bo Ning, Qian Shao et al.


Damage to epitaxial GaN layer on Al2O3 by 290-MeV 238U32+ ions irradiation ▶


L. Q. Zhang, C. H. Zhang, J. J. Li et al.


Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution via quantum blockade ▶


Yi-Heng Zhou, Zong-Wen Yu, Ao Li et al.


Unexpectedly high piezoelectricity of Sm-doped lead zirconate titanate in the Curie point region ▶


Shruti B. Seshadri, Michelle M. Nolan, Goknur Tutuncu et al.


Angular dependence of vortex instability in a layered superconductor: the case study of Fe(Se,Te) material ▶


Gaia Grimaldi, Antonio Leo, Angela Nigro et al.

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