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dinsdag 20 maart 2018

RCGP: RCGP Wales welcomes the GP contract for 2018/19

RCGP Wales welcomes the GP contract for 2018/19

Features of the contract include: an uplift in pay and expenses; support for professional indemnity; evaluation of Retainer and Returner schemes; mentoring and coaching arrangements for GPs; a review of the recruitment offering to GPs; reduced Quality and Outcomes Framework; and support for IT migrations.

Dr Rebecca Payne, Chair of RCGP Wales, said:

"RCGP Wales welcomes the announcement of the 2018/19 contract. Our profession is facing significant pressures, including underfunding and a crisis in the number of GPs working in the Welsh NHS.

"We need to make sure the existing workforce can spend as much time as possible treating patients. We hope measures on indemnity, the Quality and Outcomes Framework and supporting practices during IT migrations will help achieve this.

"Crucially, the future of general practice relies on expanding the workforce, and we look forward to further details of the measures announced today to address the recruitment and retention of GPs.

"The measures outlined in this year's contract should go some way to help practices meet the needs of our patients, while the wider review of the GP contract continues."

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New medical schools 'excellent news' for NHS, says College

"This is excellent news, and I wish everyone involved in these exciting new projects the best of luck.

"More medical schools in the UK means we will be training more people who will eventually end up as doctors, delivering patient care in our NHS - and hopefully many will choose to work in general practice.

"However, in welcoming the long-term benefits that these schools will inevitably bring for general practice and the wider NHS, we must not forget the short term pressures.

"It takes at least 10 years to train to be a fully qualified GP, from entering medical school but we need thousands more GPs now. We must work together, pulling out all the stops, to recruit more people to general practice, to make it easier for people to return to the profession after a career break or period working abroad, and to retain the experienced, skilled workforce we already have.

"NHS England's GP Forward View promises 5,000 more GPs by 2020, as well as £2.4bn extra a year for general practice. We need to see this delivered urgently and in full."

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RCGP responds to new GP contract in England

"Overall this is a positive contract for GPs and we thank our colleagues at the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA for their negotiations on our behalf. The increased funding to support GPs and practices to cover increasing medical indemnity costs is particularly encouraging."

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