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maandag 19 maart 2018

Hunt cites bursary and Brexit as reasons for ‘nursing workforce concern’

Hunt cites bursary and Brexit as reasons for 'nursing workforce concern'
Jeremy Hunt has acknowledged to nurse leaders in England that the NHS workforce is his "biggest worry" and that the fall since last year in the number of nursing staff is of particular concern.
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Loan error means students 'will not receive further payments this year'
More than a hundred student nurses have been told they will not receive any further loan instalments for their living costs this academic year, following an error by the company that distributes the money, it has been claimed.
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WHO calls on European clinicians to 'remain vigilant about TB'
Health professionals must remain vigilant about tuberculosis, even in low-incidence settings, the World Health Organization has warned.
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Survey reveals NHS workforce concerns over patient safety
Eight of 10 NHS workers have raised concerns about staffing levels and patient safety, with many also saying that their warnings had been ignored, suggests a national media survey.
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'Out of step' NHS self-discharge process in need of overhaul
Approaches to self-discharge, including forms used to document the process, should be overhauled to explore the reasons behind those wanting to leave hospital early, instead of them being used to persuade patients to stay "as a priority", a new study has concluded.
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Move to give whistleblowers legal protection in job market
Former NHS whistleblowers who raised concerns in the public interest will gain legal protection from discrimination if they want another job in the service, under draft regulations.
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