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dinsdag 20 maart 2018

BBC Health: What are opioids and what are the risks?

What are opioids and what are the risks?
Donald Trump has announced plans to tackle the opioid crisis. What are they and why are they a problem?
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Deaf access to NHS progress 'too slow', charity warns
People in Wales who are deaf or have hearing loss are not getting accessible information from their GP.
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Cannabis oil: Meet the woman taking it for breast cancer recovery
Nikki Bednall says she takes cannabis oil through "desperation not recreation" after her breast cancer.
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Class A drugs 'brought in for patients' at Essex mental health trust
The BBC uncovers allegations that staff at an Essex mental health trust supplied vulnerable patients.
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Teenagers with HIV: 'Just a little illness'
Missed sleepovers, exam issues, secrets from siblings - the challenges of growing up with HIV.
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