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vrijdag 2 maart 2018

BBC Health: Alfie Evans: Life support appeal outcome deferred

Alfie Evans: Life support appeal outcome deferred
A request by the parents of seriously ill toddler Alfie Evans for an adjournment is refused.
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Army called in to transport vital NHS staff to hospitals
Soldiers from two Scottish bases will help maintain critical care services at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and the Western General.
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Surprised Rhiannon Oldham gives birth to baby Phillip
Rhiannon Oldham did not know she was pregnant when partner Gareth Williams dialled 999 for help.
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'I had my leg cut off to get my life back'
Victoria Snell chose to have her leg amputated after six years of "constant pain".
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Public at risk from 'daily cocktail of pollution'
Action must be taken and the NHS can lead the way, says a report by the chief medical officer for England.
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